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NJTPC will host speaker, blogger and political commentator Matt Rooney

Matt Rooney

November 20,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Teaneck NJ, the NJTPC will host speaker, blogger and political commentator Matt Rooney . He will enlighten us on what to expect after the NJ election, what can be done and what you can do to be a change maker. We’ve experienced disappointment with previous elections on various levels, but the tax base in Bergen County is correspondingly high in the metropolitan NY/NJ area.

Matt Rooney is a lifelong NJ resident who earned his Juris Doctorate in 2010 from the Rutgers University School of Law and is currently is a practicing attorney with a NJ based law firm in Haddon Heights Camden County.

Save Jersey is New Jersey’s #1 source for conservative news, commentary, and humor. Matt Rooney founded the well respected and widely-read Blog in May 2008 when he was a law student. He began to write about both trending and under-the-radar topics in New Jersey politics and recognized a critical need for an independent, pro-taxpayer voice in the New Jersey media. Save Jersey has been repeatedly recognized in recent years as a force in New Jersey politics.

Matt was named a “Rising Star” in state politics by Gannett’s New Jersey newspapers, as a top politics and policy tweeter for his work at Save Jersey. It has been nationally-recognized as an invaluable resource for in-state political coverage, warranting mentions from various national online publications such as National Review Online,, The Weekly Standard,, and The Washington Post.

“One person working tirelessly is a blessing,
when we all work together miracles happen”

November 21, 2017 (Tuesday)
Speaker: Matt Rooney, Founder and Chief Blogger, Save Jersey Blog.

650 American Legion Drive, Teaneck NJ – 7PM
(Don’t forget to bring a pantry item for the American Legion food drive-support our veterans’ good works)

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NJTPC Special Guest Speaker James Foytlin of the Ridgewood blog

June 18,2017


Teaneck NJ, NJTPC Special Guest Speaker James Foytlin of the Ridgewood blog , 650 American Legion Drive, Teaneck NJ – Jine 20, 7PM (Don’t forget to bring a pantry item for the American Legion food drive-support our veterans’ good works) We are pleased to have as our guest speaker, James Foytlin of “the Ridgewood blog”

You will learn the story of how the blog transformed, and:

What is a blog
How to set up and run a blog
How to survive as a conservative blogger
How and where to source info….
How to get paid $$$

The Ridgewood blog was founded in March of 2006 by James J Foytlin aka PJ Blogger . Mr. Foytlin was born and raised in Ridgewood ,New Jersey.

After many years living in New York City, Mr. Foytlin returned to Ridgewood after the tragic events of 9/11. Once he settled in he noticed a lack of sufficient news coverage of local events. How could this be? Ridgewood is a picturesque upper middle class village of around 25,000 located in Bergen county in northern New Jersey. Founded by Dutch settlers before it became an English colony. The town or village as its called is steeped in rich history and tradition .Known for a large amount of Victorian era housing , a quality school system and a family friendly atmosphere.

In 2004 the Village of Ridgewood had finally completed it’s much anticipated and long delayed renovation of the Village hall which had been flooded out due to Hurricane Floyd. The renovation was marred by huge cost over runs and lengthy delays. In 2005 it opened with great fan fare, was once again flooded with the very first rain . Mr. Foytlin was more shocked by the abject lack of responsibility taken by elected officials than the fact that the $9 million dollar renovation had to some extent been a failure . That was the breaking point and Mr. Foytlin had had enough so he decided to give citizen journalism a go and created the Ridgewood blog in March of 2006.

If you have a message to be heard…..come and find out how…do you want to have your voice be heard with a blog?  Maybe you want to do the same but need to understand more.  Come and learn that ‘more’.  Everything begins with that first step…………

See you Tuesday!  Bring a friend!!

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NJTPC to host Special Guest Speaker Assemblyman Robert J. Auth

Assemblyman Robert J

Where : 650 American Legion Drive, Teaneck N J
When :  April 18 – 7pm

(Don’t forget to bring a pantry item for the American Legion food drive-support our veterans’ good works)

Teaneck NJ, We are pleased and fortunate to have as our guest speaker Robert J. Auth, Assemblyman for NJ D39. Assemblyman Auth received his B.A. from New York University with majors in History and Philosophy. He serves in the Assembly on the Financial Institutions and Insurance Committee, Commerce and Economic Development Committee and the Education Committee. He is also the Chief Executive Officer at Plaza Travel and Insurance Services Ltd., a company he founded in 1985. In the past, he was a teacher for the North Bergen School District from 2004 to 2006. He is an aircraft pilot having flown since 1982.

We look forward to hearing Assemblyman Auth’s input and information on the following bills, which he is sponsoring on subjects and issues that affect us all:

A4884   “Empower the Principal Act”; eliminates local school superintendents and prohibits schools from having more than one assistant or vice-principal  
A4481 Decreases petroleum products gross receipts tax rate on certain petroleum products; dissolves Transportation Trust Fund Authority; establishes “New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund Account Commission.”
ACR28 Proposes constitutional amendment to establish revenue responsibility through annual State appropriations cap limiting spending growth to one percent per year over six years and a permanent revenue responsibly fund reserved for reducing State pension benefit liabilities.
A376 Concerns county government dissolution

Remember…….Assembly representatives may not be in your district but can do good work which will benefit us in all districts, so come and hear what is being said and know who the Assembly representatives are that are working to make NJ a better state and a less ‘taxing’ state.

See you Tuesday!  Bring a friend!!

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NJTPC Presents Special Guest Speaker Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi

Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi

Special Guest Speaker Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi
March 21 – 7pm
650 American Legion Drive, Teaneck N J

(Don’t forget to bring a pantry item for the American Legion food drive-support our veterans’ good works)

Teaneck N J , We are very fortunate to have Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi as our guest speaker on March 21, Tuesday.  Assemblywoman Schepisi has been an advocate for towns deciding what happens in their own town….wouldn’t you think that is the right way forum for these decisions to be made?

Don’t think for a moment this isn’t going to affect your town or any town in NJ for that matter….we brought this issue to your attention last year and now it’s rearing it’s ugly head in full force on the state level.

In a decision that could reshape hundreds of communities, the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled in January that municipalities must allow the development of affordable housing for poor and middle-class families whose needs were ignored for more than 16 years.

A recent article in highlighted Affordable Housing affecting the towns in Bergen County.

“Two Pascack Valley towns have thrown their support behind legislation that aims to bring affordable-housing litigation in the state to a screeching halt and pressure the state Legislature to take action on the issue.  The governing bodies in Emerson and Woodcliff Lake approved resolutions last week backing the bills, which were introduced by Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi.

One bill – A4666 – urges a freeze on all affordable-housing litigation through the end of the year.   A companion bill – A4667 – calls for establishing a bipartisan Affordable Housing Obligation Study Commission that would be composed of professionals and elected officials to determine each town’s affordable-housing obligations.
State Sen. Gerald Cardinale, R-Demarest, has sponsored similar legislation in the Senate.

Towns have been submitting their housing plans to state judges for approval, after the state Supreme Court ordered them to bypass the Council on Affordable Housing, which has been inactive for years because of bureaucratic dysfunction.

Schepisi said the Legislature should be dealing with the issue, not the courts. “There are a host of out-of-the-box ideas and thinking that we as legislators should be exploring, and we’re not,” Schepisi said, adding: “We need to also question if the obligation should rest with the state rather than each municipality.”

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This Tuesday Author, Israel Vincente – Special Guest Speaker , “For the People – Time to Take Our Country Back!”

Author, Israel Vincente

Author, Israel Vincente – Special Guest Speaker
January 17, Tuesday – 7PM
650 American Legion Drive, Teaneck N J

NJTPC is proud to have as our guest speaker, Israel Vicente.

Israel is a technology entrepreneur and founder of GCS, a successful global IT consulting firm based in New Jersey, where he lives.  In his role as CEO of GCS, Israel has had the opportunity to speak to many people throughout the U.S. and overseas, giving a firsthand perspective of their experiences, successes, and hardships.

In 2014, he published two nonfiction books, The Courage to Be Different and Divergent Lives. The lead-up to the 2016 presidential contest served as inspiration for his third book………..

“For the People – Time to Take Our Country Back!”

America is still the greatest country in the world, although plagued with many challenges that have been ignored or exacerbated by our leaders. The American people are fed up, tired, and angry. The most recent Presidential election is proof that people are driving towards taking our country back from the cliff from which it is now perched.

With the national debt hovering above $19 trillion and rising; the middle class still decimated by the Great Recession that followed the financial crisis of 2008; millions of Americans either unemployed or severely underemployed as more U.S. companies replace American workers with lower wage staff by either relocating their businesses overseas or employing illegal immigrants and foreigners with worker visas here at home; and the constant fear of terrorism at home and abroad – all while seeing President Obama and Former Secretary Hillary Clinton work tirelessly to diminish American exceptionalism. America looks towards new leadership that will reset the direction of the country before the U.S. economy fully collapses, Iran secures a nuclear weapon, North Korea succeeds in launching one, and a resurgent Russia further expands its dominance in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

For the People gives an American citizen’s voice to the people’s dissatisfaction with how our leaders in Washington have managed, or, more accurately, mismanaged the people’s affairs. Americans are exhausted with the constant bickering between Congress and the Executive branch of our government that has resulted in years of stagnation. The turmoil has caused far too many citizens to lament the demise of the American dream of prosperity and upward mobility.

This book is a wakeup call to all Americans to protect and secure the future of the United States of America.

Come and hear Israel’s perspective and treat a friend to a great night out!

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NJTPC General Meeting -Special Guest Speaker – Dr. Al Frech : The dangers of HUD grants

CBD high density housing

file photo

September 20, 2016

“Do you know how HUD (US Dept of Housings and Urban Development) entices towns to take money and then …………..HUD takes over your rights with the Mayor and Council – you nor your Council have say in the decisions of the town in which you live and pay taxes.”

Teaneck NJ, Dr. Al Frech has been following HUD for the last eight years and is making a difference in Ringwood and Wayne by alerting citizens and town councils on the dangers of HUD grants.

Perhaps your town has taken CDBG grants in the past.  Everything changed in July 2015 with the affirmative fair housing. They added 377 new pages. In one section they say they won’t change your zoning, but if your zoning happens to conflict with the Fair Housing Act, then that is of concern. They never really spell out for you what the Fair Housing Act now happens to control. Once you sign on the line, you sign a contract that you will do whatever the plan turns out to be for that Fair Housing Assessment.

The wording in the AFFH ruling is accurate, but somewhat deceptive. Actually, HUD wants nothing to do with a community’s zoning laws.  However, to affirmatively further fair housing, grantees may be required to ignore or change them themselves. In other words, HUD will CONTROL.

The rule does not impose any land use decisions or zoning laws on any local government. However a paragraph later says, but we will assist recipients to adjust their land use and zoning laws to meet their legal obligation to Affirmative Fair Housing.

You can’t afford to be in the dark – your town, your property value and your community could be in the hands of others – not you nor your town council!

American Legion Hall, 650 American Legion Drive, Teaneck, NJ

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Local Veteran Receives Korean War Honor At Ridgewood 4th of July Parade from NJTPC


July 4, 2015

RIDGEWOOD, NJ , Rep. Scott Garrett (NJ-05) honored Korean War Veteran and Wanaque resident Thomas Falato, during today’s flag raising ceremony, which traditionally starts the Annual Ridgewood 4th of July Parade.  Reaching the rank of Corporal, Mr. Falato served in the Second Korean Winter of 1951-1952, where his many medals included the Korean Service Medal with two Bronze Stars.  He served in the U.S. Army from 1951-1953 and the U.S. Army reserves from 1953-1957.

101 0785

“What better time of the year to be reminded of what great country we live in, then to pay tribute to our veterans, especially those who fought in the dangerous and often inhospitable battle conditions of Korea,” said Garrett while presenting a congressional resolution to Mr. Falato, which recognizes his dedicated and unselfish service to his country.

101 0793
Born and raised in Hackensack, Mr. Falato has stayed active in veteran activities, serving as Post Commander of Korean War Veterans Association Taejon Chapter #170 in Saddle Brook.  He is also a retired manager from Verizon.

Mr. Falato’s complete list of medals and honors:

Korean Service Medal with two Bronze Stars

Army Good Conduct Medal

United Nations Medal

National Defense Service Medal

Combat Infantry Badge


101 0800

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Brian Aitken – NJ 2nd Amendment Advocate to Speak at Teaneck American Legion


Brian Aitken – NJ 2nd Amendment Advocate to Speak at Teaneck American Legion
Tuesday, November 18 @ 7PM
American Legion, Teaneck NJ

Brian Aitken will make his first appearance in NJ on Tuesday, November 18 @ 7PM as guest speaker for NJTPC meeting at Teaneck American Legion, Teaneck NJ.

NJTPC : We’d like to thank our friends at the NJ 2nd Amendment Society for publicizing the event to their members and helping us recruit Brian to be our guest speaker.

You don’t want to miss this very special event. Brian will tell his harrowing story of being swept up in NJ draconian gun laws and will be selling signed copies of his memoir, “The Blue Tent Sky – How the Left’s War on Guns Cost Me My Son & My Freedom.”

NRA News Ginny Simone Reporting | Accidental Criminals: Brian Aitken Is Living The Nightmare

Conservative Book of the Month: Brian Aitken Names Names in New Memoir:

The Blue Tent Sky is the true story of the events that led to Brian’s arrest and the years that followed. Aitken refused to change the names of the officers, prosecutor, and judges involved in his case, writing, “far too often those in power are immune from repercussions or accountability. Their transgressions are not only permitted, but are almost universally ignored, because they are members of the political ruling class and are, by default, above the law… since no one else will hold certain people accountable for their actions, I have held them accountable within these pages.”

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NJTPC : Ryan Mauro National Security Expert Speaking October 21 at 7pm American Legion Post Teaneck


NJTPC : Ryan Mauro National Security Expert Speaking October 21 at 7pm American Legion Post Teaneck

NJTPC Guest Speaker Tuesday, October 21 @ 7pm American Legion Post Teaneck NJ

The Executive Board of NJ TEA Party Coalition is delighted to announce our honored guest and speaker for the October 21st meeting.

Ryan Mauro is an internationally recognized expert on national security. We are extremely fortunate that Ryan has agreed to speak to our members and urge you to “pack the house.”

Ryan Mauro is the National Security Analyst for, which produced thehit films, “Obsession,” “The Third Jihad” and “Iranium.” Mauro is a frequent analyst on FOX News Channel and other news outlets around the world. He is also a consultant to government agencies and an adjunct professor.

Mauro was originally hired in 2002 at age 16 to be a geopolitical analyst for Tactical Defense Concepts, a maritime-related security group.

His analysis and research has been widely published at places like FrontPage Magazine, PJ Media, and the peer-reviewed journal, Middle East Quarterly. He has made over 500 appearances on radio and TV from both the left and the right.

Be sure to come, bring a friend. Seating is limited.

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NJTPC Will Host Guest Speaker Rabbi Israel Teitelbaum


NJTPC Will Host Guest Speaker Rabbi Israel Teitelbaum 

Tuesday, August 19 @ 7PM
At the American Legion Teaneck PostIsrael Teitelbaum, Cofounder of Alliance for Free Choice in Education, will address:UNIVERSAL SCHOOL CHOICECome and hear what he has to impart to us all about freedom of choice in Education.

For further background on universal school choice, you may wish to view this short broadcast of Liberty Action Network