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Reader says , dissent is not allowed ,”in essence BULLY them into submission and silence”


” While I agree largely with what was written one has to also see that now society has jumped on the bandwagon. If you don’t agree with someone on a specific subject, rather than seeing that person in a good perspective as having other positive traits, now the accepted response is to gather others to destroy them, their business/livelihood, their families or their children – in essence BULLY them into submission and silence. This happens more often than not. People cannot just express their opposing position and move on for the rest of the day…no, they have to harass those people for the remainder of the day, week, year until the person is ruined. Also, call their place of work and scream for their resignation, even picket and carry signs. – Yes, this how society will make YOU and others capitulate to THEIR point of view and demands. Good grief, people, this is society at large. “