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Audit of the current Transportation Trust Fund until then, not a penny more in gas taxes


June 25,2016

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Here’s what we all need to know: The TTF has been a cesspool of waste and inefficiency. Sarlo and Sweeney use the TTF to buy union votes from their pals like Sanzari. It costs NJ state taxpayers $2.0 million per mile of state road, 12X the nation average and 3X the next highest state. Every other state in the country does it for considerably less, with MA next highest under $700,000 per mile. The funding for state roads is there from current gas taxes, bridge & tunnel tolls and commuter pass taxes. All Trenton needs to do is renew the funding on July 1st, but this should only come after an independent audit of the current TTF. Until then, not a penny more in gas taxes should be raised.