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Phil Murphy aka Corzine 2.0 Exposed For Exploiting Election Law Loopholes

Tax and Spend Democrat Phil Murphy for Governor
October 23,2016
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, This week, presumptive Democrat Gubernatorial nominee and Corzine retread was exposed by WikiLeaks for exploiting loopholes in election law to further his political ambitions.

Democrats are poised to nominate another Wall-Street insider with expert knowledge on exploiting election laws to further his candidacy. The most recent revelations in the saga on Corzine 2.0 (aka- Phil Murphy) came after WikiLeaks furnished e-mail correspondence between Murphy and DC insider and Clinton advisor John Podesta, who has been at the heart of the latest WikiLeaks scandals.

Murphy has already spent a boat-load of money on television and print advertising claiming to be an outsider, but the latest leaked e-mails paint a much different picture of a politician that knows how to use his own money to get his way.

Murphy established a tax-exempt non-profit organization, allowed to take unlimited money without disclosing its donors, in a clear attempt to bolster his Gubernatorial ambitions. Under the law, this organization was supposed to be a “social welfare organization”, allowed to engage in political activity, but not as its primary mission.

As reported by WNYC News, While Murphy said publicly that this was simply a public advocacy think-tank, privately in e-mails to John Podesta, disclosed that the group was formed to boost his name ID as he was “VERY serious but not yet committed” to run for Governor.

With a direct line to one of Clinton’s main advisors and after his shameless acceptance of endorsements of corrupt county bosses and Trenton’s largest special interest group, the NJEA, Murphy’s wasted no time making it clear to voters that he is just another political insider with Wall Street values pretending to be someone he’s not to get elected.

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The “little guy” is now able to counter the misinformation and party politics in Ridgewood


June 25,2016

by Derek Schnure

Ridgewood Nj, this was taken from “it takes a Ridgewood Village ” Facebook page :

I just wanted to comment on the past two elections here in Ridgewood. We have seen the power of social media drive the results of the VC and Referendum contests. In the past, the public would have been spoonfed much more information from those in power (i.e. through such cultivated media such as the Ridgewood News, VOR email blasts, regular politics as usual campaigning).

The “little guy” is now able to counter the misinformation and party politics, at least at the local level, through such forums as this FB group, the Ridgewood Blog, etc.

It is very interesting how much information came out on the Mayor’s plans that never would have been revealed but for these forums.

It’s pretty cool and empowering! Unfortunately, it’s not really working on a state or national level yet…