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Reader claims Extra Credit Ticket , ” teacher is Gorman’s niece”

Ridgewood Police at RHS

” I have spoken with the parent. She DID go to the teacher. Then she went to the department head. Got nowhere. Then she went to Gorman and Nyhuis. Again, got nowhere. Told them she felt unheard and had no where left to go then to the BOE. She followed every guideline the school gives on how to proceed. This could have ended so easily if those at all the meetings had just said they would look into it and look into policy. But they didn’t. And I have been in meetings like this as well with that administration. They don’t listen, and I’m sure legally cannot ever say anything at all. So they nod and make you feel unheard. This woman was not asking for extra points for her daughter’s grade- she couldn’t care less if her daughter got the one point she wanted by doing extra credit- she told her daughter to respect the teacher’s decision. But when on the VERY NEXT DAY the teacher offered extra credit for attending BergenFest, which was not even in that marking period, the s*&t hit the fan. PLUS FYI the teacher is Gorman’s niece!!! “