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Take These Steps To Protect You And Your Legal Rights After A Crash


No one ever expects to be in a car accident, but they do happen. When they do, it is important to know what to do to protect yourself and your legal rights. Many people make the mistake of not seeking legal help after an accident, which can lead to them missing out on compensation that they are entitled to. In this article, we will discuss the steps you need to take after an accident occurs in order to ensure that you are protected.

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Swastika Graffiti Discovered at Glen Rock High School on the Eve of Yom Kippur

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Glen Rock NJ, on the eve of Yom Kippur a Swastika graffiti was discovered  on a desk at Glen Rock High School  prompting an outcry of concern from local officials . School officials said the swastika was found “etched” onto a desk at the high school on Wednesday morning, and the desk was promptly removed from the classroom and a police report has been filed.

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Things You Must Remember After a Car Accident

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Car accidents are always sudden and unexpected. No matter how good and careful of a driver you are, you may still be involved in an auto accident. It usually takes seconds for a lot of damage to occur, and it is crucial that you remember to take certain actions, as well as avoid a few more after the collision.

Due to how fast accidents happen, and the rapid adrenaline rush that may stun you, it is normal that you aren’t able to think straight in such a situation. Getting acquainted with the actions that need to be taken immediately at the scene, and those you need to do later on, is vital to avoid issues with your insurance claim and any potential legal consequences of the collision.

Steps to do Immediately at the Scene of the Accident

Step One: Stop

Never drive away or leave the area where the accident occurred even if you think the collision wasn’t your fault. Try to stay as calm as possible, and avoid making accusations to the other drivers involved in the accident.

Step Two: Inform the Authorities

You should never hesitate to call the police even if you think that the car crash is minor, or if others try to convince you to just handle it among yourselves. Without an official report from the authorities, your insurance company won’t pay for any of the damages or injuries that happened, even if you were not at fault during the crash.

Step Three: Protect the Scene and Gather Evidence

Keeping your flashers on or putting up flares prevents more accidents from occurring. Use your phone to take as many photos as possible of the scene and the crash, including damage to the vehicles or properties involved in the accident. You should also take pictures of anything that may have contributed to the collision, such as a damaged roadway. Moreover, take photos of your injuries, as well as insurance policy information of the other parties involved in the crash.

Step Four: Exchange Information

You should gather information on all vehicles and parties involved in the accident. This may include:

  • Names, addresses, and phone numbers of everyone involved in the crash.
  • Insurance cards and policy information of all vehicles.
  • Copies or photographs of the driver’s license of other drivers.
  • Contact information of witnesses.

Step Five: Get Full Medical Attention and Protect Your Rights

Don’t leave out any details, and explain any aches to your physician. And remember to keep track of all your medical expenses. That said, don’t do anything on your own. Consult your attorney as soon as possible after the accident. You must receive professional legal advice before making any statements. Remember that you shouldn’t carry on without a lawyer. An experienced attorney will help protect all your legal rights,  and you could see if you are entitled to compensation for your accident, especially if you have been injured during the car crash. This can be very helpful since personal injury lawyers can deal with the insurance company while you focus on recovering and getting things back on track. 

Step Six: Inform Your Insurance Company

Most insurance policies demand an immediate report of a car crash as soon as it has occurred. If nothing is hindering you from notifying the company, then do that at the scene. However, you are still able to notify your insurance company 24 hours after the crash has happened. Give them a basic report of how the accident happened as you remember it.

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Things you should avoid doing after a car crash

Being acquainted with the steps that need to be taken after a car accident protects your civil rights and makes sure that you get compensated when you file a claim. Such steps are vital after auto-collisions to ensure that you receive a fair settlement for damages that may have occurred to your vehicle as well as any injuries you may be suffering from. But it’s equally as important to avoid doing any actions that might take those rights away from you, and those include:

Fleeing the scene of the accident.

Admitting responsibility or accepting blame for the crash.

Forgetting to obtain a copy of the police report.

Accepting quick settlements from the other parties’ insurers.

Being involved in a car crash can be highly stressful to you and your family. Dealing with the wreck, the insurance company, the medical bills, or even a possible lawsuit might be too much to take all at once. Remember that you should never handle things on your own. It is best to contact your attorney immediately after the crash.