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Christie calls Fishman, Bharara reactions ‘ridiculous’


Editors Note: Former President Bill Clinton asked 93 politically-appointed U.S. attorneys to resign in 1993, which didn’t prompt as much media outrage as when President Trump did it.

Dustin Racioppi , State House Bureau, @dracioppiPublished 6:12 p.m. ET March 13, 2017 | Updated 4 hours ago

Gov. Chris Christie called  “all this moaning and complaining” by two of the region’s prominent U.S. attorneys “ridiculous,” after they were ordered out of their posts by President Trump.

Christie, the former U.S. attorney for New Jersey, said Monday that those prosecutors – Paul Fishman, Christie’s appointed successor, and Preet Bharara, who led New York’s Southern District office – should have known and prepared for their transition out of their positions months ago. They had been appointed by former President Barack Obama, a Democrat, and “they received notice” by the electorate that they would not keep their positions much longer.