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Councilman Voigt’s announcement last week about the library turns out to have been premature

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December 15,2016

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Jeff Voigt’s announcement last week about the library turns out to have been premature.  Mayor Knudsen had to announce that the library is only in very preliminary discussion and was in no way prepared to publicly announce a 5 million dollar renovation that would involve the library being closed for a year.  Good job Councilman Voigt, jumping the gun unprofessionally and getting everyone riled up for no reason.   Boyd Loving later suggested that the library should include the Village Council in the process of their plans and pipe dreams, rather than presenting The Nancy Green Palace as a fait accompli.

Mayor Knudsen also announced that subsequent to last week’s meeting, at which Councilman Voigt verbally accosted Mayor Knudsen, she and her council colleagues received numerous emails from residents complaining about the behavior of Mr. Voigt.  As she began to explain that the council will aspire toward civility moving forward, Mr. Voigt unbelievably attempted to rudely interrupt her as she spoke.  When she politely asked him to wait, he did so.   Upon completing her report, she ceded the floor to Councilman Voigt.  He then lit into her, referred to her only as Susan, not as the Mayor, and called her comments and actions deceitful, disrespectful, and stated that she disregarded other people who actually care about this town (meaning that Mayor Knudsen does not actually care about this town).  Yes, he said those and things, and he went on to say that he cannot and will not and does not intend to apologize for anything he said.  This guy is Albert Pucciarelli without the toupee.