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Ridgewood High School Learning Commons , Whats in a Name?


Ridgewood High School Learning Commons , Whats in a Name?

October 24,2014

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, In September 2012 The Ridgewood High School (RHS) Home and School Association (HSA) launched an aggressive fall fundraising campaign to pay for the transformation of the RHS library into a space better suited for 21st century learners. At the time it was thought that the renovation would potentially cost $850,000.The new RHS Learning Commons was needed to replace a library that has not been renovated since it was originally designed in 1963. After a little debate the Village embraced the idea and the needed funds were raised .

The Learning Commons is an attempt to bring the modern world of technology in to the library for all students to enjoy and use . The idea was originally the brain child of former Ridgewood High School principle Principle John (Jack) Lorenz. Jack had a stormy tenure as principle often clashing with the BOE . A reader summed it up best by saying ,”Jack Lorenz is one of the most highly regarded persons in Ridgewood. The educats at Cottage Place and the BOE fear and are jealous the public’s regard for him.”

Sources have confirmed to this blog that the BOE had promised to name the Learning Commons after Jack but has since reneged on the idea . While recent years have witnessed a decisive turnaround at the BOE with the reintroduction of the idea of the pursuit of excellence ,some things sadly have not changed.