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Evan Weitz for Village Council Welcomes You to Hackensack

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, it didn’t take long but another pro-development , pro high density housing Evan Weitz is running again for Village of Ridgewood council . Like Siobhan Winograd ,Evan Weitz is supported by Developer John Saraceno, who has targeted Ridgewood to be the next Hackensack .

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Bipartisan Move to Simplify Pay-to-Play Law and Increase Disclosure by Indie Groups



Even as Super PACs and other independent groups have emerged as a serious concern to voters in the presidential election, both sides of the political aisle in New Jersey’s legislature are showing renewed interest in improving state campaign finance laws. Jeff Brindle, PolitickerNJ Read more

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Developer John Saraceno behind Progress Ridgewood

progress ridgewood

June 21,2016

by Jacqueline Hone

Ridgewood NJ, Who is behind PROGRESS RIDGEWOOD and the massive Hudson Street Garage “VOTE YES” campaign? Here is the answer.

Progress Ridgewood ad placed in the Ridgewood News, April 29. The number listed for Progress Ridgewood belongs to Onyx Equities LLC, whose co-founder and managing principal is John Saraceno. The exact same developer looking to build high density housing in downtown Ridgewood. You might recognize him as the guy always seen with Mayor Aronsohn, around town, lobbying for the parking garage.

What the ballot doesn’t reveal and what  residents face, if the referendum passes, is an open gateway to massive housing and overdevelopment. Don’t be fooled it’s not about parking.

Tuesday, June 21. VOTE NO!

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Reader says Progress Ridgewood the same old group of liars, and propagandists

Village Council election signs

I hope everyone realizes the Progress Ridgewood postcard in the mail is the same old group of liars, and their propaganda….like, do I even need to point out that the quotes were taken out of context and distorted to make the point look like it was agreed upon??? I hope not.

Don’t be fooled by the flyer/mailer from Progress Ridgewood which claims that the new council elect wants you to vote yes. That’s simply not true.

Bernies quote was from 2011 or so when a CONCEPT was being discussed.
This new council is in support of parking solutions. Including a garage that fits the lot, and is appropriate to the neighborhood.

Let THEM decide the funding and look at all of the facts. Ridgewood voters came out in RECORD numbers in May to elect them. Now let them be responsible for what happens next. And do NOT be fooled, the outgoing lot of fibbers and thieves will do anything at all that they can to stick it to the village and to have their way.
Vote NO on Tuesday and let the new council decide. We can have the problems fixed by honest people with the villages best interest at heart. Not greedy developers and sneaky politicians. VOTE NO JUNE 21!!!! .

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Mayor and Progress Ridgewood riling up shoppers and diners when 80% of new spots benefit developers and politicians

Parking 2/8/16
All this propaganda for less than 50 spots targeted to dining and shopping ? Let’s talk about the real agenda
June 18,2016

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, The Mayor and his cronies are playing fast and loose with the truth and the rank and file doing their bidding may not understand the real plot.  Stooping so low as to grab out dated of context quotes to imply that the 5 members of the incoming Council endorse a YES vote is essentially manufacturing a lie but trying to wipe off your fingerprints of the tools of deceit.  The incoming Council DOES NOT endorse a Yes vote and if you doubt me, just ask them, they are all available on email.  They are trying to stay on the high road, which the Village Manager couldn’t find with a map, but they are livid at the bald attempt to attach their names to Paul and Roberta’s desperate attempt to deceive.

They don’t want or need any “help” from the outgoing Council who are leaving their post with as little grace and professionalism as you would expect from observing  the last 4 years

The Walker study (attached ) makes clear that of the 250 incremental spots created the vast, vast majority (191 of 250 or 76 %) of the spots created will be monthly spots.  The 126 hourly spots is less than 50 more than what exists in lot now  (76 spots ) when you consider the destruction of on-street parking Garagzilla requires.

So wait …We spend $ 11.5 MM to get essentially less than 2 levels of shopping/dining parking and 3+ levels of monthly parking to warehouse extra cars for the high density residents and serve out of town commuters? That makes sense how?????

Who benefits from monthly spots ?  High density developers who have too many cars and out of town commuters.
Who benefits from 50 subsidized hourly spots being created in a $ 11.5 MM boondoggle?  Local Landlords looking to raise rents on small business tenants.

Who benefits from developers, out of town commuters and local landlords being happy?  Politicians who need money and allies to run for office.

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“Progress Ridgewood” ad in the Ridgewood News Pushes Hudson Garage with the same old Insults

Hudson Street Garage bogus renderings
photo by Saurabh Dani
March 2,2016

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood Nj, it has been pointed out that an ad recently placed in The Ridgewood News from a group called “Progress Ridgewood” is asking the Council to vote unanimously on March 2nd to reintroduce the Village bond ordinance. The ad states that a small group is objecting again to the garage and that its based on incorrect information. They feel that the Council will agree to the Village bonding the garage if they all agree to the current garage revision.

According to sources , “Progress Ridgewood” was based on an email that was sent around, it was paid for by Mr. and Mrs. Halaby. They solicited names of people who wanted to be included in their ad. The ad’s characterization of “a small ground of vocal residents” is quite inaccurate, as it is now well known that over 1300 signatures were put on the petition to stop the BCIA funding, with more coming in this weekend. It must be emphasized that this grass-roots effort is totally within the laws of the United States’ democracy, and has been conducted with proper respect for the law. These citizens should be applauded for exercising their rights. The petition does not seek to stop the garage, but to stop the funding by the County. The ad’s characterization that “a small group…..stalled the project” is an unfortunate choice of words, as it is more accurate to state that a large group is seeking to keep the project funded in town. Something else to note is that least two of the signers are not Ridgewood residents and thus do not even vote in Ridgewood.

The Halaby name gives it all away .They are clearly not the best arbiters of what’s good for Ridgewood, as we have seen over the years as they seem to agree with every single major change that is called for and use rabid name calling as you have seen on this blog.

While many debate whether Ridgewood is or is not on a downhill slide; Mr. Halaby’s gloomy assessment is dead wrong as is his support for an over sized hospital, high density housing , and Godzilla garages in the central business district. Mr Halaby seems to have unwavering support for the council majority and is always on the wrong side for Ridgewood. Once again With all the distrust and misinformation flying around town its best to put off all major decisions for the New Council in June .