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Councilwomen Gwenn Hauck takes the fall for Promoting Ridgewood Parking Deck Referendum



July 1 2016

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, What we asked for follows immediately below.  What we got is attached.

So Gwenn Hauck was behind this all (see invoice)?  I SERIOUSLY doubt it.  I guess they needed a fall guy for some reason.

4089 and 4091 total emails sent


During date range June 9, 2016 through and including June 21, 2016:

1)       The number of intended recipients and any and all “e-notices” sent by Village of Ridgewood employees and/or agents regarding matters related to the special election concerning “Parking Deck” Referendum Election scheduled for June 21, 2016.  That is, how many unique e-mail addresses were included in said “e-notice” distribution(s).

2)      Information Technology data associated indicating the total number of “clicks” or “hits” on:   a) referendum “page”, b) referendum “guide,” and c) video associated with said matter.  That is, how many “clicks” or “hits” were there on the referendum page, referendum “guide,” and the video.

3)      Copies (via DVD) of any and all versions of said video that at one time or another were posted on during the date range noted above.

4)      Copies of any and all outstanding and/or paid invoices associated with the production and/or distribution of the video content associated with numbers 1, 2, and 3 above.