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Village of Ridgewood Council Council Meeting Tonight ; 3066,Ridgewood Water, Puppy Mills and Parking

Ridgewood Village Council

August 10,2016

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the Village of Ridgewood Council will have its regular public meeting at 8pm tonight with a couple of interesting things on the agenda .

First Ridgewood Water ;

16-233    Authorize Compensation for Participants in Lead and Copper Sampling and Testing Program – Authorizes Ridgewood Water to credit $25 to the water service accounts of the participants in the lead and copper sampling and testing program

16-234    Amend Agreement for Online Credit Card and Bank Account Debit Payment of Water Bills – Elimination of Convenience Fee for Customers  – Amends the existing agreement with Metropolitan Communications, LLC for the processing of credit card and bank account debit payments for water bills so that Ridgewood Water will be charged the $.25 convenience fee instead of the customer being charged.

Then there is parking ;

3542 – Amend Chapter 265 – Vehicles and Traffic – Violations and Penalties – Increase Parking Ticket Fines

3543 – Amend Chapter 265 – Vehicles and Traffic – Overnight Parking Restrictions

3544 – Amend Valet Parking Ordinance

3545 – Amend Chapter 249 – Streets and Sidewalks – Increase Fines for Paving Moratorium Violations

3546 – Amend Chapter 145 – Fees – Sewers and Sewage Disposal Fees – Increase Annual Service Charge for Out of Village Dischargers

And of coarse land use ;

3540 – Amend Chapter 190 – Land Use and Development – Regulations for Political Signs and Temporary Signs

3541 – Repeal Ordinance 3066

and a few interesting tidbits :

3547 – Ban Puppy Mills


16-246    Amendment to Central Business District Advisory Committee Resolution – Terms of Members

16-249    Authorize Ridgewood Wildscape Association to Fund Treatment of Noxious Weeds at Kings Pond Park

16-250    Declare Property Surplus – Street Sweepers – Declares two street sweepers surplus property and authorizes the Village Manager to dispose of said property