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Reader says Just wait for your Tax bills to go up if Murphy is successful in Purchasing the governor office

Phil Murphy

Our taxes,are,less,than Glen Rock and Ramsey . And the original poster never checked westchester or summit for accuracy….they are a lot higher. It’s the whole state of nj . Even shitty towns have high taxes. Police unions, teachers unions, and inner cities that drain the state treasury to fund the abbot schools in all the shithole cities. That’s what you get for allowing democrats to run things in Trenton (who are owned by the unions). Just wait for your bills to go up if Murphy is successful in Purchasing the governor office

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Ramsey Office of Emergency Management Advisory for North Central Avenue Paving

road work


October 15,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ramsey NJ, from the Ramsey Office of Emergency Management ,the County of Bergen has contacted the Borough of Ramsey that they will be milling and paving a portion of North Central Avenue, from MacArthur Boulevard in Mahwah to High Street in Ramsey, starting on Monday October 16th.  Weather permitting they are anticipating having it completed by Tuesday October 17th (2 day project).  Please expect detours and periodic road closures.

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Bee Swarm Takes on Ramsey Resident and Emergency Rescue Personnel

Bee Swarm Takes on Ramsey Resident and Emergency Rescue Personnel

photos courtesy of Boyd Loving’s Facebook

July 15,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ramsey NJ, Ramsey Police, Fire , EMS, Rescue Squad and OEM personnel rushed to 62 Mardis Avenue, Ramsey on Saturday afternoon, 07/15, in response to a 911 telephone call reporting an adult male unconscious in the home’s driveway after being stung multiple times by a swarm of bees. It was several minutes before Ramsey PD and FD members could advance to the driveway area and remove him to a waiting ambulance. Multiple ambulances were subsequently called to the scene after at least two (2) other neighborhood residents were stung. A beekeeper was called to address the issue, but the area remained off limits to pedestrians for approximately three (3) hours until the bees calmed down. Allendale PD and EMS assisted at the scene, as did an ambulance from The Valley Hospital. A uniformed Ramsey PD officer was also among those stung; he was observed entering a ambulance for examination and treatment.

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Ramsey Doubles Down on Gun Range Ban


Posted by Alexander Roubian 176sc on February 22, 2017 · Add your reaction

The Ramsey Town Council is doubling down on its attempt to ban gun ranges. Our threat of an immediate lawsuit still stands and we will make good on our promise if the ordinance passes. The bad news for Ramsey is that the odds that they succeed in court are slim.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Ramsey story, you can read a refresher here. Ramsey is trying to pass an ordinance that would ban firing a gun anywhere inside the town, with no exceptions. This would have the effect of banning all gun ranges.  This would prevent a gun range that has already been approved for construction from being operational. They couldn’t manage to stop the physical building, so now they’re telling the gun range owners, “You can have your range, but you can’t use it.” There’s just one problem with this.

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Ramsey pollster was one of few to call election for Trump

Clinton vs Trump 2016


A lot of people are walking into Raghavan Mayur’s office in Ramsey these days to ask how he conducts polls.

To answer, Mayur sometimes reaches into a canvas bag and pulls out a college composition notebook with a creased black-and-white cover. He opens it to reveal pages of wide-lined paper, each covered in a hand-drawn chart summarizing the results from the previous day’s polling.