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Reader says Waldwick needs to take Rat problem much more seriously

Rattus Norvegicus

Waldwick needs to take this problem much more seriously, for as great as this original infiltration was, it is highly likely that it will get much worse and infinitely more dangerous as the colder months force them to take even more residence in homes. Rats carry all kinds of disease and are notoriously rabid. Their urine and feces leave disease-borne microbes everywhere, including in air ducts, children play areas and other areas where it becomes an incessant threat to human health, young and old alike! Rats are very adaptable and are very opportunistic, not to mention, their prolifate reproductive rate. A female can breed at 5 weeks-old, gestation is only 21 days, liters can be as high as14, or more simply put, 2 rats can become as much as 15,000 in less than a year.
These rats being dislocated from there past community now probably means the threat they represent has grown 100-fold, as did the chance of ever reducing the threat to what was once manageable to the neighbor hoods in Waldwick. I wish these citizens my hopes and prayers in dealing with a potentially tragic problem for their beautiful community.