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What constitutes “repeat parking” and why is it banned?


What constitutes “repeat parking” and why is it banned?
October 24,2014
Boyd A. Loving
9:31 PM (6 hours ago)

“Repeat parking” is the act of feeding a parking meter beyond the maximum permissible time posted for parking at a specific location.  Example:  if the posted time limit for parking at meters on East Ridgewood Avenue is 3 hours between 9AM and 5PM, it is unlawful to leave your vehicle in place at any meter there for longer than 3 hours during the noted time period, even if you’ve put additional money in the meter.

Why is “repeat parking” banned?  “Repeat parking” is banned to facilitate turnover in parking spaces.  Retail merchants in particular believe that people are more likely to patronize stores when parking spaces are readily available nearby.  If there were little to no turnover in parking places, merchants believe patrons would become frustrated and spend their money in communities other than Ridgewood.

This is how “repeat parking” is described on the Village’s official PARKING GUIDE:

Is not permitted. Once the maximum time on the 
meter is passed, the vehicle must be moved not 
only out of that spot, but out of that lot or to a 
new street.

YOUR OPINION WANTED:  Does it make sense to permit the movement of a vehicle to another lot, or to another street, once it has been parked for the maximum permissible time, or does this defeat the main objective of creating turnover so that parking spots are readily available?  Please weigh in below.