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Village Manager Admits Ridgewood Has a Parking Surplus



June 19,2016

the staff of the Ridgewood bog

Ridgewood Nj, In this VoR clip from April 6, 2016, at the 1:14:00 mark, you see the village manager admit we have a parking surplus, not crisis: .

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This is the Hudson Street lot at 9:20 Friday morning in Ridgewood

hudson street Ridgewood
June 10,2016
by Anne LaGrange Loving

Ridgewood NJ, This is the Hudson Street lot at 9:20 Friday morning. I do not know how many Village Council meetings I have attended at which members of the Chamber of Commerce stated that this lot is filled to capacity first thing in the morning every morning with commuters and restaurant workers. My crummy little camera does not show the scope of how empty the lot was. Please vote NO on June 21. We might (operative word is “might”) need a small increase in parking, but we certainly do not need the gigantic garage that Aronsohn, Roberta, Hauck and Pucciarelli are continuing to promote in the waning days of their time in “power.”

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The Ridgewood municipal workplace is being invaded by Bergen leads

May 19,2016
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood Nj, readers begin to question the political favoritism that seems to flow with Bergen Leads municipal appointments in Ridgewood . ” Does anyone thinks it’s a coincidence the human resource and village manager are both from Bergen leads and this residency requirement is being changed when the hr person isn’t from ridgewood. Old friends from the bergeb county program . Ridgewood owes a debt of gratitude to councilwoman knudsen for standing up for ridgewood residents when aronsohn, pucc and hack don’t care about the people they represent. What’s wrong there’s no one from ridgewood to fill these jobs. Anyone watching the meeting wouldn’t think this article is even about Wednesday meeting.”

“The Village Manager seems to try to help her fellow Bergen Leads graduates. Isn’t her HR hire a Bergen Leads graduate? Preferring local residents for municipal hiring does not make it easy for a VM to favor friends from different parts of the county.”

“Non-Alumni of Bergen Leads (NABL) hereby object to the fact that the municipal workplace is being invaded by a clique of self-appointed “elites” showing an troubling amount of interest in scratching each others’ backs, and nobody else’s backs but their own!”

But the landslide election loss by the mayor and his cronies may signal the end of Village Managers playing favorites. “Roberta’s days of political favors are coming to an end. It is absolutely no coincidence that a friend of hers got the lease for a business in a residential neighborhood. Antine has absolutely no right to be running her business in a residential neighborhood and Sonenfeld pushing her highly contested lease application through is unethical. And unscrupulous. And right in character for our soon-to-be-ousted VM”.

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Stacy Antine Healthbarn Founder and Ridgewood Manager Roberta Sonenfeld are Classmates, friends

Bergen LEADS class of 2010 picture

May 18,2016

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Bergen LEADS class of 2010 picture.  Stacy Antine and Roberta Sonenfeld.  Classmates, friends, united in their efforts to stick it to Ridgewood. Perhaps this explains why Healthbarn is asking Ridgewood residents to forward there emails to Village Manager Roberta Sonenfeld?

From the Healthbarn website ; Stacey Antine is a registered dietitian who holds a Master’s of Science in Food, Nutrition and Dietetics from New York University.  Alarmed by the long list of lifestyle diseases (obesity, heart disease, diabetes, etc.) faced by children today, she founded HealthBarn USA to connect children to natural foods and where they come from. Expanding her commitment to help families eat healthier, she started HealthBarn Foundation and it’s first project Healing Meals, a food gifting program for ill children with cancer and serious blood disorders and their families.