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We already have a Ridgewood Performing Arts Center. We don’t need another

Ridgewood Performing Arts Center

We already have a Ridgewood Performing Arts Center. We don’t need another.

About RPAC

RPAC opened its doors in the Fall of 2006. The school was started by Alexia Hess-Sheehan and Amy Armbruster to fill the need for a multi-disciplinary dance facility that was both professional in its approach and that was made up of some of the best dance teachers in the New York Tri-State area.

Our highly qualified and supportive teachers inspire and work with every student on the importance of proper technique, giving them a strong foundation from which they can pursue their individual goals in dance.

215 Chestnut Street
Ridgewood, NJ 07450
201-251-RPAC (7722)


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Readers say NO to Ridgewood Performing Arts Center


A performing arts center should be a private undertaking, if at all. There is no way it will break even.
The library should stick to their mission. Entertainment is not a public sector responsibility.

The head of the Library Ms. Green has for the last 10 years complained that there is no enough parking for the library. she has suggested that that people using Veterans Field park anywhere but the Library Parking. She even wanted the police intervene. So now the the brain trust at the Library want a performing arts center. They may say that the will raise the money for this by donations but like the turf field we are stuck with all the expenses after it built. It like the gift that keep on giving.

Performing arts center is not needed and placing it adjacent to the library would be a huge mistake. The driveway between the buildings should never have been removed, and this would ensure that it could never be restored, as I have hoped since they removed it. Why do we allow the library and other entities to go hog wild? As one comment above notes, between the library staff and patrons, village hall staff and visitors, band shell attendees, and sports participants and observers, the lot is often full precisely when such an event would be taking place. Attracting more cars to the same parking lot would be a nightmare, especially as people giving up and leaving all had to circle around and exit via that ridiculous narrow driveway with a 90-degree angle and speed bumps. And nobody could get to the library for a BOOK. FORGET IT!