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Reader debate the Extent of the Damage Done to the Village by the Previous Administration

Ridgewood 3 amigos

Well, the previous council and their committees got everything they wanted. That is the reality.

Multi family housing, parking garage, athletic filed at Schedler and to boot a bonus prize for hard work…. tearing away the lovely islands at the train station and putting in a narrow pathway and calling it just as attractive. Aronsohn and his gang must be laughing hard at that one while they sip their champagne. They got an unexpected reward!! Even they would never have suggested tearing away that lovely greenery. Clunk heads , the current council, clunk heads.

or maybe no….

well we do not have a parking garage and we might not ever. The proposed field at Schedler is way smaller than Don Delzio and his denizens proposed. The train station parking lot re-furb will be way WAY better than a gargantuan garage.

Aronsohn and his gang are meeting with lawyers and spending lots of money trying to figure out how to save the remains of their reputations from ethics charges, charges of lying about parking-app contracts, etc. Not a lot of champagne flowing there.

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Reader says Former Ridgewood Mayor Arohnson has left us a blight that needs to be remediated now


One of two or three of the most important issues facing Ridgewood right now. The massive apartments that are about to be built will forever change the Village. They can be stopped. But in order for that to happen, we need answers and actions now from our Government. Go to the meeting. Write your council representatives.

Arohnson has left us a blight that needs to be remediated now. Go to the planning board meeting – – write the town council. But speak up today before the Aronson projects are approved and built. Do you really want to look at the cover of the Ridgewood news six months or a year from now and see a picture of Aronson’s smug face sneering at you as he stands in front of the “Aronson Arms Apartments” or whatever moniker the land speculators are going to give their new buildings in tribute to their friend who enabled them to build?

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Reader says If the Aronsohn projects go through, Ridgewood downtown may never recover

CBD high density housing

RE: October 4th,the Ridgewood Planning Board will be discussing the Conflict of Interest complaint
Get out and speak up. No, get out and shout. If the Aronsohn projects go through, our downtown may never recover and the Aronsohn blight will spread through town over the next decade. We’ve all spent a lot of tax dollars to maintain this town, let’s not give it up to a handful of land speculators who have to be laughing gleefully at the stupidity of the Aronsohn council majority.

More importantly, the conflict issue raised by these citizens calls out to all of us. Is this how we want our local government to be run? If these allegations are true, we need to put that truth into the light of fay and take appropriate action. If we don’t, what message do we tell the next generation? Just as importantly,, what message do we send to the next round of land speculators who want to take over another section of town for their own profit? Do we want that message to be: “Sure, get some friends placed on our planning board and walk all over us.”

So,email or call your planning board representatives. Show up at the meeting. Write tot he town council, especially those we just elected and tell them you want action.

Please also consider sending the following note to the Planning Board and our Mayor via email:

Dear Mayor Knudsen, Chairman Joel and Planning Board Members,

I am aware that a group of concerned residents delivered a Motion of Complaint to the Ridgewood Planning Board, under By Law Sections 2.13 and 7.21, dated September 16th. Their motion brings to light a series of conflicts of interest and unacceptable mistakes that impacted the high density housing votes. It spotlights the truly defective process by which these highly unpopular ordinances (3489, 3490, 3491 and 3493) were passed. It is not right for Ridgewood residents to have such important decisions made, and the future of our village impacted, by a forum influenced by potential personal conflicts and/or mistakes. Preventing such actions is clearly the intent of the Planning Board’s own By Laws.

Therefore, I fully support the motion made by these residents. I ask that the Board stop all current high density site plan reviews and promptly begin a complete review of the residents’ complaints. Should any conflicts or mistakes be found, the Ordinance votes and Ordinances themselves should be rescinded and reevaluated via a proper and untainted process.

Secretary Cafarelli, please forward/print this email to all Planning Board members.

Thanks for considering this request.

Mayor Susan Knudsen, Mayor ( Michael Cafarelli, Planning Board Secretary (
My email address: (


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Reader sums up Ridgewood Village Manager’s situation : “She has to go “


I think Ms. Sonenfield mistakenly and foolishly assumed that her Party’s machine was too strong to be challenged, let alone be defeated, by a bunch of mere ordinary residents. When you are so neck deep in machine politics, you sometime do end up making such delusional assumptions.

Whatever her abilities, there should be NO place for a village employee who so openly and blatantly aligns herself with one set of political leaders.

There is NO way her name could have been so openly and repeatedly used in their campaign absent her approval.

She made her bed, now it is time to lay down in it. She has to go.