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Members of the Ridgewood Councils Opposition engage in Rumor and Innuendo at Ridgewood Council Meeting

Rurik Halaby
file photo of Mr. Halaby
September 9th 2016
the staff of the Ridgewood blog
Ridgewood NJ, several readers have asked “What we’re all these comments in the council meeting about a raffle at Mt Carmel with a $25k prize. Those comments were perplexing.

It seemed to be implied by Mr. Halaby that there was a fix in and that is why the Mayor won the raffle.

The fact is the church was in Glen Rock, not Mt. Carmel. And the suggestion by Mr. Halaby that the raffle was rigged was pathetic and highly insulting to the church. What by the way did that have to do with anything? Just reaching for something ridiculous to attack the Mayor, and attack the church while he was at it.

Perhaps the opposition should take there own advice and behave civilly or maybe the council should morve to ban several residents from speaking at Village council meetings for “trolling”.