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Apple Ridge Stop Work Order Lifted by Upper Saddle River

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Upper Saddle River NJ, On August 28, 2019 the following email was sent to Toll Brother by Boswell Engineering lifting the Stop Work Order on that portion located in Upper Saddle River.

Please allow this email to summarize the chronology of this project since the issuance of a Stop Work Orders for this project on July 23, 2019. This email will also rescind the Stop Work Order issued on July 23, 2019 subject to the terms noted below.

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Reader says , “Our water supply should be guarded and not compromised by profit seeking developers”

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“In Upper Saddle River residents rely on well water for drinking, cooking and showering and bathing. When the water is contaminated it renders the homes uninhabitable. It is unconscionable that the water supply has been compromised. Our water supply should be guarded and not compromised by profit seeking developers. This should have been and should continue to be the top priority for our elected officials.”

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Apple Ridge Environmental Tragedy Continues

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog 

Upper Saddle River NJ, Derek Michalski reports again on the runoff from the Toll Brother site at Apple Ridge, “Dark and Stormy in USR today on this gloomy Friday December 28, 2018. We are experiencing heavy rain and another storm water violation on the part of Toll Brothers in Upper Saddle River. This time laden with arsenic and lead mud (sorry “colloidal clay” as NJDEP wants us to call this 12th month long pollution) is allowed to being discharged directly into our public drains. And not even one Toll Brothers employee or USR town zoning officer on the site paying attention to lack of silt barriers and even the cheepest hay barriers. Truly pathetic how this site is being overseen.

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Destructive Runoff Continues From the Apple Ridge Site Continues One Year Later

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog 

Upper Saddle River NJ, for over a year we have covered the story of the devastating impact of the run off from the Toll Brothers site at Apple Ridge. To date nothing as been done to protect the environment of Bergen County , not one politician or DEP official has lifted a hand . So for the talk from the Murphy Administration on “Green” New Jersey, it is nothing but talk and a ruse for tax increases.

 Derek Michalski, from the group GreenUSR – (Upper & Saddle River, Ramapo and Pascack Valley Communities). Wrote yesterday :

“Most people and corporations in this beautiful country end every year on a positive note and with charitable giving activities. With God’s love in someone’s heart you can make a difference with giving. However Upper and Saddle River residents are experiencing another form of giving/receiving or should I rather say ”mud dumping” or “mud receiving“ into their backyards and local aquifer. Apparently Toll Brothers moved their makeshift pump deeper into the “arsenic field” so without the drone no one can see it. How pathetic this situation is when one of the largest construction company in America is allowed to permanently destroy local aquifer in one of the most affluent zip codes in America. Welcome to the land of apathy – zip code 07458. Passing year reminded us during those 12 months of ongoing mud pumping laden with arsenic and lead how close we are to the third world countries in the way behave sometimes. Also did I say Merry Christmas”

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Local environment issue has become a matter of national urgency

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April 30,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Upper Saddle River NJ, Battle for Pleasant Brook continues and enters a second phase ,the Cleanup. This ”unimportant” to our local leaders environment issue has become a matter of national urgency.

Derek Michalski  , “It‘s up to us to make our officials accountable for their actions and if anybody wants to digest brown water from Toll Brother‘s April 20, 2018 massive mud dump please let me know. I should have some saved in jars with appropriate labels. No one should underestimate danger of accidental digestion of arsenic and Lead. Better be save than 40 years later sorry. Last March EPA provided this warning: “Lead is a neurotoxin and increasing amounts build up in the body. Even at low levels, lead in children can lower I.Q.s, cause learning disabilities, damage hearing, reduce attention spans, and cause hyperactivity and other behavior problems. Arsenic is toxic, can damage people’s health, and can cause cancer. This cleanup reduces the potential for harm to people’s health from coming into contact with, or accidentally ingesting, soil or creek sediment contaminated with lead and arsenic”

Unprecedented Silt Pollution Runoff Near Apple Ridge Construction Site