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NJ Hiker Takes Chilling Last Photos That Show What Ended Up Killing Him


NJ Hiker Takes Chilling Last Photos That Show What Ended Up Killing Him


A New Jersey man met an untimely fate while hiking through Apshawa Preserve on September 21, and just before his demise, he snapped photos of the killer with his cell phone.

According to the New York Daily News, Rutgers University Student Darsh Patel was out on a hike through the West Milford nature preserve with four friends when he was fatally mauled by a 300-pound black bear. His cell phone was recovered after the attack, and along with having bite marks of its own, it had pictures of the ferocious creature on it as well.

Patel’s group had encountered a man and a woman who were leaving the preserve and warned them that there was a bear roaming the area and advised them to stay out, according to authorities. However, they failed to heed the couple’s warning, and they first came across the bear from about 100 feet away as Patel snapped his photos, but little did they realize it was stalking them.

As the bear approached, the group turned around and walked away, but the bear followed. It closed in on a distance of about 15 feet before the members of the group split up and ran in different directions, but only four were able to escape to call 911.

Unfortunately, it was too late. When the group last saw Patel, he was climbing a rock with the bear giving chase. They said Patel screamed for them to keep going.

When officers arrived at the scene, the bear was circling Patel’s body before they shot and killed it. Human remains were found in the stomach of the bear and in its esophagus, according to They also found human blood and tissue under its claws.