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Allegations pertaining to the Schedler Park Project still stand and many Schedler area residents are still looking for answers


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September 2,2016
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, as previously reported on the Ridgewood blog ,in October 2015 Resident Jacqueline Hone raised several issues pertaining to the Schedler Park Project including the allegation that the applications for Open Space Funds were fraudulent .

Ms Hone basically received the blow off from the Village Manager Roberta Sonenfeld  and she sent a second email exclaiming ,”A citizen’s complaint should not be viewed as a threat, but rather an opportunity to dismiss wrong doing and restore/gain public trust. As public servants, Village Manager and Council, have a fiduciary obligation to investigate citizen’s complaints and afford the complainant due process. The complainant has a right to receive a panel decision, with detailed explanation, as to whether allegations are sustained, not sustained, deemed unfounded or exonerated.”

As of now the allegations pertaining to the Schedler Park Project still stand and many Schedler area residents are still looking for answers .

In August we asked  Clearly, the time has come for the Village of Ridgewood Manager Roberta Sonenfeld to move on

after an OPRA request turned up”an undated e-mail obtained via a recent Open Public Records Act request, Village Manager Roberta Sonenfeld refers to taxpayers’ comments about the proposed Van Neste Memorial Park revitalization project as being “ridiculous” and “malicious.”  The e-mail was sent by Sonenfeld to all members of the post July 1 Village Council.”

Jacqueline Hone continues  to push for clarity on the issue and says there is much confusion with County letter of intent.

“The intent only happened because residents attended a VC meeting and complained. Without any notice to VC or residents, Roberta introduced the idea/grant and pushed for an immediate approval.

Roberta’s usual “oh by the way” management style failed. Mayor Susan Knudsen stepped in and saved the day. Our mayor stressed that things have to be done in a  correct manner and the process has to be followed to include residents. Prior to that, Roberta wanted to put the cart in front of the horse (as always). Residents would have been excluded and procedure would have been ignored. Listen to the meeting minutes.

Her email is not looking for VC support of the plan. Her email is “TELLING” VC to cover what she tried to do and publicly come down on residents that blew the whistle and complained.

All is documented and recorded. My heart breaks for residents that have no idea what is truly happening in our village. I urge everyone to seek first to understand.

Replace opinions with facts. There is a reason why thousands of residents petitioned (twice) and won. Our Village Manger is entangled in state ethics violations, citizen complaints and lawsuits. Did you know?

Residents are unaware, if they are moving forward with the grant, the Public Hearing must be appropriately advertised and scheduled for September 14, 2016. I haven’t seen a single thing.

Why isn’t Roberta gone yet? She’s a runaway train, taking out everything in her way, plowing down residents and our quaint village.”

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