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The solution: Home lunch delivery


The solution: Home lunch delivery
Dan Johnson

To the Editor:

When I lived in Ridgewood, I often proposed solutions to Ridgewood’s many problems.

They were all good ideas. They were mostly ignored.

After 40 years, I had to move because of the village’s high taxes, but I still follow news about Ridgewood and now there is an issue I really can solve.

Some 400-plus kids in the village can’t cope with lunch that is provided by the schools or in a home-fixed brown bag.

Maybe their parents don’t like bags or don’t want to be bothered. So these kids need personal lunches.

Understandably, school staffers don’t want their days disrupted delivering personalized lunches and worrying about an extra threat to school security. Not so understandably, some parents who want personalized lunches for their kids – and some delis – are suing the school system.

There is a solution so simple no one can oppose it: Let the delis deliver a lunch to each child at home, just before he or she leaves for school.

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