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Ridgewood Police Conduct Security Sweep on “Blackout Tuesday”

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Photo(s) of the day courtesy of Boyd Loving’s facebook page 06/02/2020: Better safe than sorry. Ridgewood Police Department Patrol Officer Zachary Knudsen and Bergen County Sheriff’s Department K9 Officer Patrick Doyle conducting a security sweep along East Ridgewood Avenue on Blackout Tuesday.

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Ridgewood Nj, according to resident Boyd Loving in a Facebook post , “Security Sweep: A walk-by to visually inspect the area to identify unattended packages, briefcases, luggage, unauthorized persons, or other security breaches and determine that all public areas are secure. A procedure commonly completed prior to announced/scheduled gatherings of large groups (events). Examples: concerts, demonstrations, memorial services, parades, protests, speeches. Canines trained in the detection of explosive materials/incendiary devices and/or loaded firearms are routinely deployed.”

Blackout Tuesday is an initiative to go silent on social media, reflect on recent events, and stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.