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“Semler” Letter Editor of the Ridgewood News Requires Even More Corrections

Ridgewood News letter

February 27,2017
the staff of the Ridgewood

Ridgewood NJ, The now infamous letter to the editor from Kira Semler required 2 corrections.The Semler letter to the editor of the Ridgewood news caused a furor on social media at the time. Initially, the letter suggested among other things that the former “breath of fresh air ” Village manager was fired when in fact she resigned.The misinformation in the letter was later edited out by the Ridgewood News but not before the damage was done.


The Ridgewood New has now for a second time corrected the letter, the “clarification ” came this past week just as the social media firestorm was dying down. The Ridgewood reaffirmed critics of its editorial policy that the former Village manager did in fact resign on September 6th and she was relieved of her duties on the very same day.

As previously reported the staff of the Ridgewood blog had noticed the letter but felt it was what we call a “put up job” where a local special interest, usually a supporter of the former mayor and his schemes puts up a relative or friend to promote garagezilla and to attack the current council.