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Reader complained about these and other sidewalk barriers several years ago at a Ridgewood council meeting


I complained about these and other barriers several years ago at a council meeting. Several sets of them are fastened to the sidewalks in violation of the ordinance allowing them. In my opinion the ordinance should be rewritten to require them to be similar to the ones in front of the Tappas restaurant by Wilsey Square, a light metal frame with cloth filler and that they be removed in winter when the outdoor seating isn’t available. The restaurant , Steel Wheels, at the train station also has barriers blocking the sidewalks aimed at pedestrians. That setup makes me feel like I am trespassing although I am on public property. I understand the rationale of allowing outdoor seating and don’t disagree with the concept but I feel it’s current application interferes too much with the publics ability to walk around the business district.

Here are some examples of the situation:

Please note that the area in front of “It’s Greek to Me” appears to be a no parking area as shown by the yellow line so although I don’t like those barriers, I think singling them out is more about the owners politics. The ones on West Ridgewood Ave. by the pizza/Italian restaurant are basically the same. Also note the white latticework barriers are screwed down to the sidewalk, which is specifically prohibited.

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Reader says a Sidewalk would improve safety much better than any parking regulation


file photo by Boyd Loving

Cars frequently fail to slow to a safe speed when heading north from Glen onto Bogert or Cambridge, or when heading south along Cambridge or Bogert toward the common intersection with Glen. Those same drivers also often recklessly careen across to the wrong side of the road rather than reduce their speed and stay in their lane while negotiating the two relatively tight S-curves that connect with the common intersection. This must be the safety issue that led to the current change. Pedestrians do not have the benefit of sidewalks to negotiate those same S-turns so they are forced to share the roadway with the cars. The pedestrians are sometimes forced to jump up on the curb or onto the adjacent lawns to avoid being struck. Draconian parking regulations won’t change the behavior of these reckless drivers. The best answer is probably to install short lengths of sidewalk paving along the s-turns on Bogert and Cambridge and extend the same to the Glen Avenue sidewalks at the common intersection. There is already a short length of sidewalk on the west side of the common intersection extending north from Glen and terminating at the beginning of the the S-turn on the Bogert side. That sidewalk should be extended entirely along that same S-turn and terminate just north of it. That would improve safety much better than any parking regulation could.