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Reader says,”The look and feel of suburban towns is being destroyed”

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“It’s depressing. Unfortunately when residents who lived here for decades leave, their houses are bought by NYC families who never experienced the quaint village feeling before. So they don’t even know it and they’re fine with a city feel and look as long as they have a gazillion rooms and a small yard. They bring their mindset with them and turn the whole place into a cold and unfriendly environment with their big city attitude. To add, they’re also the biggest supporters of feel good causes but they’re fine with cutting their yard trees so they won’t have to deal with leaves or they will b!tch and m0an about blue laws cuz they can’t shop on sundays. They’re fine with large buildings around them because they’re used to them. Nobody will protest when Valley site turns into an apartment complex. The look and feel of suburban towns is being destroyed by this generation who also has a herd mentality when it comes to local or national politics. Those of us who wanted a pleasing, quaint, quiet and friendly place to raise our family are the real victims. We are stuck here until we can retire. Every nice area is being exploited and used and abused to extreme.”

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Reader says Same Group Behind the Garage is Behind Destroying Van Neste Square in Ridgewood

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Paul Vaggianos was the first to get up at the mic at a town council meeting a year or two ago and ask that Van Neste be changed to accommodate lighting at night and entertainment every weekend.

Vaggianos said, “Let’s bring everyone together at Van Nest on the weekends.”

I obviously remember that. I was very saddened by his suggestion. Paul Aronsohn as mayor at the time was very receptive. I spoke against the idea at council meetings. I tried. I love Van Neste as a quiet park as it is now, an oasis of calm and beauty midst the busy downtown. Very charming invention!! Let’s keep it that way. Paul Vaggianos was happy with the big garage at Hudson. I wasn’t and wrote and spoke against it from day one. Vaggianos is a business owner in town and has influence , I have no influence. I think it would be wonderful to preserve Ridgewood a for future generations to experience, no expansion, not more congested. A town with easy accessibility to the Big Apple but with a small town charming quality. And yes, Van Neste is a big part of that as it is right in the center of the CBD. It says something by virtue of letting people experience of oasis of natural beauty and quiet in the midst of the hustle and bustle of a busy but small and charming downtown. ( I love that oasis ……sentence I made up)