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Glen Rock Lawsuit : When is a Facebook page an “official” Facebook page ?

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photo of Skip Huisking Glen Rock Councilman -2016-2018, courtesy of his “official” Facebook page

June 17,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood bog

Glen Rock NJ, looks like Ridgewood is not the only town that has issues with social media and OPRA , a Glen Rock resident named  Timothy Larkin claimed he was “banned” from participating in a public dialogue on Councilman Skip Huisking’s Facebook page, which Huisking called an “official” page of Huisking’s, where the councilman conducts official government business.

On April 10, Larkin filed a lawsuit against the Borough of Glen Rock, and Borough Clerk Jackie Scalia, for denying an Open Public Records Act (OPRA) request for access to the list of Facebook accounts blocked or removed by Glen Rock mayor Bruce Packer and all members of the Borough Council. The suit is focusing on the public Facebook pages maintained by the mayor and council members, and not their personal Facebook pages.

The lawsuits focus seems to focus on if the “official” Facebook page is in fact “official ” Glen Rock Business .

Skip Huisking Glen Rock Councilman -2016-2018 commented on his “official” Facebook page on June 15th :

“Social Media Lawsuit: As many have been following, it was heard today (6/15/18) with the judge rendering an opinion. As with most cases, there are pluses and minuses.
I can, and will, continue to administer my page as I have in the past. Namely requiring standards of civility by insisting two things (both were on my page and part of the court documents submitted);
“First, always be respectful with comments- no personal attacks against anyone or group”.
“Second, should you comment and I respond, please do not delete my responses or your original comment. Playing this ‘dirty delete’ game is against my policy of openness and transparency. I look forward to your contributions should you decide to make them.”
The Judge did require we provide the names of those blocked if requested – which I will clearly provide the list of 3 accounts blocked (As I offered in late April to settle) for not following those standards
For further detail, the opinion will be posted on the appropriate court site. I am glad the judge rendered the opinion today so we can focus on the many issues facing our Borough.”