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Upgrade Your Workers’ Skills with State Funding

December 5,2015
the staff of the Rmidgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Many state governments, including NJ, have funds set aside to train your workforce at no cost to you. The intent is to create a better skilled workforce that will translate into better productivity and increased profitability for these companies.

These extraordinary state programs allow you to realize income with no strings attached and without deviating from your company’s day-to-day activities. These programs are intended for most companies regardless of size.

In today’s economy, trained and effective workers can mean the difference between a competitive business and an extinct business. The Customized Training initiative is a component of the Workforce Development Partnership program and is funded by a small allocation from employers and workers.
TNT Educational Services is in the business of securing government funding by way of training grants and offering a wide range of training classes targeting an increase of productivity at no cost to the company. Bergen IT LLC ( is partnering with TNT Educational Services ( in order to become a provider of technology training.

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