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Ridgewood Infant Toddler Development Program


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Ridgewood N J, a reader stated that “Residents should not be supplementing other residents daycare obligations at ITDP. Any and all expenses of ITDP should be covered by tuition paid by the users, not from our school taxes. Diverting money to ITDP means less money for K-12. I paid day care for years; so should ITDP parents.”

At the request of the Board, Ms. Kelly gave a presentation on the Infant Toddler Development Program. The committee members, Ms. Brogan and Mr. Dani, met with Ms. Kelly and Dr. Fishbein to compile and discuss questions from the community and Board members, upon which Ms. Kelly conducted an analysis of the program. After providing a brief history of the program, Ms. Kelly reviewed the questions and provided responses. These questions and responses can be viewed on the PDF of the presentation.

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