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Ridgewood Back the Blue

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Good morning everyone!
I’m reaching out to our Ridgewood community on behalf of my children and all of the kids that look up to law enforcement. I think with all that has been going on in Ridgewood we have lost sight of the fact that the men and women in our Ridgewood Police Department are our friends and our neighbors. Our children go to school with their children, they have play dates and celebrate birthdays together. They wave to us from their driveways and shovel out our elderly neighbors. For those of us that grew up here these are the guys that we cheered for under the Friday night lights. Despite the hate and vitriol that has surrounded this town I know many among us want to show our appreciation and our support.. that’s where I come in!
Starting this Wednesday through next Wednesday I will have a drop box on my front step for those that want to drop off notes of encouragement and thanks for our men and women in blue. The more cards the better! Make it a family project and have the kids make cards of their own! Next week I will gather the cards with my kids and we will deliver them with special treats as a way to show our police officers that this town still appreciates them!
Feel free to share so we can spread the word!
Thanks everyone!
Erin Leigh Yates