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Reader says There is no better sport than Wrestling for teaching discipline, toughness and responsibility to Ridgewood kids


You want to build character in you kids, have them wrestle. There is no better sport for teaching discipline, toughness and responsibility. Wrestlers come in all shapes and sizes so there is no physical advantage one way or another. Wrestlers generally have some of the highest GPAs of college athletes. The RHS Junior Wrestling coaches, year after year, are some of the best guys out there and your kid WILL get to wrestle every week. They work very hard to match your kid up with a similar kid so matches are close and both kids walk away with some learning and confidence. You want a great sports program in Ridgewood, try wrestling.

We’ve had some very good coaches in other sports but the majority have been in it for themselves. The truth is, Dads control most all sports, football being the worst. God forbid on of their kids isn’t on the “A” team. My son was assigned to the “C” team and every week they would call him to cover a position on the “A” team. He was an “A” team player but they just couldn’t bump one of their own to make room for him on the roster. He never played football again.

I’ve seen second grade baseball coaches keep their “stud” players in key positions (not rotate them), have the opposing team go 3 up 3 down and have their side bat around mutliple times and think this is okay.

Soccer . . . I can bet the coaches kids are playing the offense and getting lots of ball time.