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Reader says The give away at Habernickle Park is insane


This was one of many Roberta favors for a friend with full support from the 3 amigos. If tax payers took a few minutes to get the facts about where their money goes instead of just bitching about parking they would be shocked.
The give away at habernickle Park is insane. Use of 11 acres and all the amenities we tax payers pay for a mere $3700 a month. No water bill either for a gardening business.
Let’s talk liability too.. the VC is ignoring the ridiculous hellbarn contract..who is looking out for us? Say one of the 25-30 kids arriving by bus gets hurt…gets hurt while hiking on the steep terrain ( yes they go into the woods during the healthy eating camp and field trips ) I guess because there isn’t much else to do!! Anyway who will be paying that law suit…YOU the tax payers because the VC is allowing a business to USE the park as part of her business plan!!!
So basically healthbarn charges kids to use a free park…scam or what???
And anything that may go wrong with these “keep busy” activities because the garden is frozen, falls on us tax payers…part of the activities for this healthy eating class (haha) is kids also paying healthbarn to be on the soccer field and hang on the broken nets.. not playing soccer just hanging around and tearing up our nets.
That sounds fun…( NOT) until someone gets hurt and tax payers are paying those bills too along with all the other bills we pay for at the gate house to operate just so Roberta’s friends business makes money!
Thanks VC for not looking into this contract after Roberta left and clearing up any possible liability that may fall upon tax payers.
An overhaul of this lease is long over due!!! Take the time and do it. We cannot afford yet another law suit!