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Valley Construction Impact on Benjamin Franklin Field Use


photo courtesy of “it takes a village” group on Facebook

April 3,2016

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ , the Attached please find a picture of a typical Saturday at BF. middle school. Students from across the county participating in track and field events OUTSIDE.  Hundreds of kids use the field on a regular basis .

Valley construction will involve noise , and dust

Whats will be the impact on out door activities at  Middle school during the long construction phase at Valley Hospital

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Reader say with a new council in May and I believe it will be a golden opportunity to repeal ordinance 3066


Agree, so much of the division in town now is due to Pfund’s folly and the desperate attempt to let Valley quickly get its expansion in.

Step by step, building by building, we can re-make our downtown without Pfund’s folly. Contrary to the ravings of a few at this week’s hearing, Ridgewood’s finest hour will not pass simply because we proceed in a logical, organized fashion to constructing a downtown that lasts into the next century without dragging down the rest of the Village.

Mr. Kotch is right, we may be looking at a new council in May and I believe it will be a golden opportunity to repeal ordinance 3066. How anyone thought it was a good idea to allow ” interested parties” to request changes to the Master Plan is a mystery. Who can be seen as more interested than the village residents? We are now forced to be viligent and ready to assemble in order to protect Ridgewood from misguided development.

From the Patch May 2,2012
Conflict with ‘H-Zone’ ordinance and planning board amendment

Although the , the saga continues. The planning board’s amendment to the Master Plan remains on the books and a future council could simply overturn the November vote.

Councilman Paul Aronsohn said it’s time for the planning board to rescind . “We need a blank piece of paper,” Aronsohn said. “It’s time to move on, it’s time to move forward…the mayor and council needs to step up.”

This whole nightmare can be reversed. Elections for three council seats, Hauk, Aronshon, and Pucciarelli, are on May 10th, 2016. That’s in 220 days. It’s time for a slate of candidates, whose platform is to repeal ordinance 3066 which among other things added Chapter 190, Article XIV, Section 143 allowing “interested parties” to amend the master plan.