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Reader says This is a full court press against Trump and his plans to protect American citizens


The BF principal sent out via email a letter with a similar message, and some of the same tone and specific language, under his own signature. The deacon in the local Roman Catholic parish went “political” on this issue this past Sunday morning during the homily of the mass, with a predictable message (take in all who wish to come here, don’t you dare say no to anyone). The new archbishop of the Newark Archdiocese, now of Cardinal rank, was given space in the weekly printed missalette of the local parish (and presumably all other parishes), which he used to spread a similar highly politicized message, pushing the discredited “walls are bad” message of the elite globalists. This is a full court press against Trump and his plans to protect American citizens.

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New Fascism Hits College Campuses


UNL students restricted by new ‘respect’ policy

‘Nonnegotiable’ list of expected beliefs about diversity and inclusion

Calling the University of Nebraska Lincoln a place that “values acceptance,” the institution kicked off the fall semester with its newly installed chancellor essentially telling new students they should not say or do things that might be offensive or cause people to feel disrespected, calling the stance “nonnegotiable.”

“We insist on a culture of respect, and we recognize that words and actions really matter,” Chancellor Ronnie Green said during a speech at the new student convocation on Aug. 19.

While suggesting the university values free speech and freedom of expression, Green – who took the helm of UNL this summer – went on to declare: “We do not tolerate actions of hate and disrespect.”

The policy, being called by campus leaders a set of “belief statements” on diversity and inclusion, is also spelled out on its website.

Green’s comments come as Christianity and conservatism — even support of Donald Trump — is accused of being intolerant, hateful and racist on campuses nationwide.