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How to Assess and Improve Air Quality Inside a Laboratory

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Laboratories are among the most important facilities, especially in the modern-day world. Whether it is a chemical, medical, biological, or physical lab, one thing is for sure. There’s a high likelihood that the work done there involves the use of potentially harmful chemicals or dangerous substances. In some cases, lab work involves handling dangerous, toxic, or hazardous material as specimens, reagents, or test subjects.

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Reader calls Ridgewood High School “Toxic”

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I am really really concerned about all of the things I hear happen at the high school . It seems that the BOE is only involved or concerned about situations that fall under the state mandate of HIB. If an incident doesn’t fall unde the guidelines of HIB then nothing is done . I want to send my kids to catholic school for high school . The environment at RHS seems toxic. This was a chance for our “leaders” and I use that term lightly , to actually take a stand , implement new programs and actually lead! Shame on them