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One year Later “traffic-calming measures” at Garber Square prove both disastrous and dangerous

Honda Pilot becomes first known casualty of Garber Square improvement project photo by Boyd Loving
December 23,2015

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Reader says new bike lane by the Ridgewood train station appears very ill-conceived, dangerous and might not be legal in New Jersey

The new bike lane by the Ridgewood train station strikes me as very ill-conceived, and frankly, dangerous.  It is the first bike lane I have ever seen that crosses over from the right shoulder into a space between two car lanes.  The fact that it is on a sharp decline, just after a hard right turn, and just before a busy intersection, makes it even worse.

Ridgewood NJ, Almost one year later the “Traffic Easing “project continues to appear ,”very ill-conceived, and frankly, dangerous”. When this project was initially hatched a project no one in town including some very long term residents had ever heard of until ground was basically broken.

At the time the Village Manager assured us that there were no traffic issues at Garber Square. Where as any resident knows that by 7:15 am on any given day there are cars backed up West  Ridgewood Ave, waiting to get through the light or into the train station. The same can be said at the end of the day. With some days heavy traffic extends throughout the morning.

This really was seen by many as the tipping point of  “trust factor” for those in charge. Residents organized as a community to challenge this decision and were categorically dismissed as not wanting change, NIMBY’s and not knowing what we were talking about.

Traffic study? Who needs that? We will calibrate the traffic lights to make it all better. We know better than you guys do. Well, unfortunately the bikers ,for fear of their lives have not come but the traffic sure has. Now the projects and the stakes are getting much bigger than a poorly thought out bike lane of death or an obnoxious flashing sign telling passing motorists to eat and shop in Ridgewood. Residents continue to be told , rest assured everything has been carefully thought out and planned by professionals. These projects so far certainly don’t seem to show that and one wonders why some many residents don’t view the town council as having the residents best interests in mind with these projects.