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Urban homogeneity

Clock Ridgewood

Urban homogeneity 
July 21,2012
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Springing up all over town, a clock, brick work at the crosswalks , vintage street lights and turf fields, some of the things that make the Village unique?

Not so fast towns all across the state from Hoboken to Woodridge all share some of the same features of Village ,why Hoboken even has two clocks .

Pavers CBD

So why all the sameness ,what happen to home rule and the unique experience that was the Village of Ridgewood ? Is the uniformity mandated from the state ?What about town character and who is making all the money ? We are not fans of urban homogeneity .

RHS Stadium turffield

Other things spreading like turf fields are down town parking garages , didn’t get a picture of that yet in Ridgewood .