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Concerned Residents of Ridgewood Endorses Mayor Susan Knudsen and Retired fire Chief Jim Van Goor

Vote Ridgewood NJ
To the members of CRR and friends:
Two seats on the Village Council will be filled in the general election on Tuesday, November 8.
We endorse the reelection of Susan Knudsen for a third 4-year term and retired fire chief Jim Van Goor for his first such term.

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Feed the Frontlines Initiative being Used to Promote Candidates


the staff of the Ridgewod blog

Ridgewood NJ,Jeanne Johnson seems to at it again,  using Feed the Frontlines initiative to push her agenda. Disgraceful. Pam Perron should be embarrassed. Obviously she is desperate.

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, All registered voters have received in the mail the Ridgewood Board of Education election ballot (to vote on the Board of Education budget and elect one Board of Education member for an unexpired 1-year term and two Board of Education members to three-year terms) and the Ridgewood Municipal election ballot  (to elect three Village Councilmembers to 4-year terms).  These elections will be a Vote by Mail election only, and there will be no voting at the polling places.  There are two separate ballots in the envelope which was sent to you, one for the Board of Education and the second one for the Village Council.  The Vote by Mail ballots must be postmarked by May 12, 2020 and received at the County by May 14, 2020.  Keeping in mind that the mail service may be slower than usual, you are encouraged to vote your ballot and mail it back in the postage paid envelope, as soon as possible so that your vote will count.


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Ridgewoood Board of Education and Village Council elections will both take place on May 12, 2020 , Vote will be done solely by mail

vote by mail

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, this afternoon, Governor Murphy issued an Executive Order regarding New Jersey elections scheduled through May 12, 2020. Please note that March and April elections have been postponed until May 12, 2020 and all elections now scheduled for May 12 will be conducted solely via vote-by-mail ballot. This means all registered voters will be mailed a vote-by-mail ballot and there will be no in-person voting at polling places for these elections. These changes do not impact the June Primary Election.

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Ridgewood Wildscape Endorses Susan Knudsen and Mike Sedon


Dear Ridgewood members of Wildscape,

This is the first time we have sent an email about an election, but in the case of Wildscape, the stakes could not be higher. We are not a
501C3 entity, thus we can support candidates. We are endorsing Susan Knudsen and Mike Sedon.

As you know, the current council has been 100% behind Wildscape, and has applied for grants, paid for spraying invasive plants, supported
the ad hoc committee recommendations for minimal development at Schedler, preserving the house, planting trees, spending money to
protect our resources.For the first time, the East Side of Ridgewood is being considered as
valuable residents of Ridgewood.

All previous councils supported our cleanups,because under the Stormwater Act, cleanups of brooks qualify for grants. We have no
problem with allowing us to do the dirty work!But it is the other support we previously were not given.

For years residents of the King’s Pond area asked for help and received none. Only with this council and especially the Mayor and
Deputy Mayor, has help arrived.

We are asking you to re-elect Susan Knudsen and Mike Sedon. They, along with Council members Walsh, Hache and Voigt have supported our

Finally the Ridgewood Environmental Advisory Committee will have the expertise of a grant writer, something we have asked for in the past
but never had; finally the Shade Tree Commission has support to solve the downtown tree problem (how to plant in tree wells, and how to keep
trees alive) as well as planting and replacing “right tree-right place”.

Wildscape received support and resolutions for our efforts to inform every resident who abuts a waterway to be aware that dumping
leaves/grass only harms us. No other council has done this. This can alleviate flooding as well.

The opponents do not seem to care about our environment; one has said the Schedler property should be developed, leaving many of our
families, our neighbors, subject to more noise and pollution. False facts about costs to save the historic home have been issued.

No support for anything environmental, which is so distressing to us.

The current council has been so supportive, hearing both sides of every issue relating to things we care about at Wildscape. We have
had our best years, and we don’t want to go back.

Please vote on May 8 to keep our big supporters: Mike Sedon and Susan Knudsen. We have made such progress it would be a cruel blow to our
environment if they are not re-elected.

thank you!

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No Political Signs on Village Property Period

Ridgewood Yard Signs


April 7,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, When placing political signs for candidates, please be aware that political signs shall not be permitted to be placed on any publicly owned property, including, but not limited to, municipally owned property, library property, parks, right of ways, the planting strip between the curb and the sidewalk of any residential or commercial property, trees, telephone poles, lighting stations, street or traffic signs, tree wells or planters, water utility property, and/or any other such publicly owned property within the Village.

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Councilmen Voigt at an Alexandra Harwin Coffee

Alexandra Harwin

arch 11,,2018

the staff of the Ridewood

Ridgewood NJ, councilmen Jeff Voigt making the rounds to former Village managers house Roberta Sonenfeld for a coffee with Alexandra Harwin .He was one of five people who attended .

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Deadline Nears for filing Completed Nominating Petitions for Village Council

League of Women Voters Candidates Night in Ridgewood

file photo candidates night

March 2,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Nominating Packets for Ridgewood Village Council are still available ,but the deadline for filing completed nominating petitions is March 5, 2018.

Nominating packets are available for Ridgewood residents who are registered voters of the Village of Ridgewood and wish to run for, and serve on, the Ridgewood Village Council. They may be picked up at the Village Clerk’s Office in Village Hall, 131 North Maple Avenue, during the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, except legal holidays. This year, there are two positions, with four-year terms, to serve on the non-partisan Village Council which will be voted on at the May 8, 2018 Municipal Election. The newly elected Councilmembers will be sworn in and take office on July 1, 2018.

Any questions concerning the Municipal Election should be directed to the Village Clerk’s Office at 201-670-5500 ext. 205 or by email to: or

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Reader says I don’t get why it matters if Knudsen and Sedon don’t win

3 amigos in action Ridgewood NJ

Sorry, I don’t get it. Saraceno and the Aronsohn group got what they wanted. A garage, development at Schedler and most of all the big CAJONES, the multi-housing , MULTIPLEX FEATURE OCSCAR WINNER developments FOUR of them in the CBD.

I don’t get why it matters if Knudsen and Sedon don’t win. Really tell me. I know I know that Knudsen and Sedon were against the housing developments downtown and voted them down, but HEY, they couldn’t convince the planning board.

I don’t want a parking garage nor development at Schedler just as much as I don’t want apt. with 50 units in CBD.

I know that Willet would develop Schedler, and a build a garage so what is the difference.

Really, if the garage were bigger and Schedler completely developed, who cares. If it is developed AT ALL I think is terrible a little more a little bigger, the shit is done by any development.

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Emotional Outburst at Money Tree Site Leads to Ridgewood Police being Called

money tree

photo by Boyd Loving

February 22,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the Ridgewood blog has received multiple reports that, a candidate for Village Council, accompanied by another family member, disregarded the caution tape that was deployed around Graydon, and entered the restricted work zone shortly after the tree was felled this morning. The individual became belligerent with a Village employee and refused the leave the restricted work area when asked to do so. The employee telephoned for police assistance in removing the individual; two (2) uniformed patrol officers and a uniformed patrol supervisor were dispatched to assist. The trespasser left the property prior to the police officers’ arrival. It is unknown whether charges will be pressed.

And the campaign signs aren’t even up yet. This is going to be one hell of an election season.

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Reader asks if Ms Harwin Has Any Clue ?

village council meeting

file photo by Boyd Loving

Ms Harwin will suddenly appear at meetings and try to study up on key issues under Aronsohn tutelage. If she hasn’t started attending she should watch last night’s video to see she’s now connected to nasty halaby, ridiculous Shiovan and duche bag Jeff. Of course ms harwin watch the now infamous douche bag video. reviewi old footage to get a better idea of yoir supporters .How about the only man with a day job threatening a resident or Aronsohn intimidating and bullying a female resident. Maybe watch Voight screaming fu*# you at the village manager. Roberta ugh and oy the material. How about when harwins supporter pnched a resident or councilwoman clueless Hauck calling out a poor resident. Harwin have a clue?

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Reader says Harwin using Ridgewood As a stepping stone for Further Political Ambitions

Paul_Aronsohn_theridgewood blog

Graduate Emerge class 2017 alexanda harwin. Emerge new jersey instructs women how to run for higher office by launching political careers at the local level. Emerge NJ graduate Ali Harwin is following the manual. Get elected locally or get yourself appointed to something for the political resume. Uh oh Ridgewood looks like this one is using us. read for yourself and just say no.

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Reader says Having the backing of Halaby, Hauck, Pucciarelli, Sonenfeld, Voigt and Aronsohn is going to be lethal to your career

3 amigos in action Ridgewood NJ

SUGGESTION TO MS. HARWYN: You are probably a very nice person. You are clearly a very educated person. So let me offer you some practical advice – GET OUT NOW. Having the backing of Halaby, Hauck, Pucciarelli, Sonenfeld, Voigt and Aronsohn is going to be lethal to your career. Your candidacy is already tainted beyond repair with their poison ink. But your career as an attorney could be destroyed if you are keeping company with those who have ethics violations, harrassment complaints, etc on their dossiers.

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Ridgewood Campaign signs end up in a front yard

RHS Senior prank
photo by Boyd Loving

Ridgewood Campaign signs end up in a front yard

May 28,2016
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood Campaign signs of failed candidates litter the yard of a Ridgewood home. Senior prank ,we are not sure but 50 Evan Weitz signs were posted on a lawn at Robinson Lane and North Walnut this morning.  “All the loser signs are posted.  It’s hilarious.” On the positive someone did sneak a Hache sign in there.

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A Perfect Storm in Ridgewood Developed and Pushed the Council majority to the Curb

3 amigos in action Ridgewood NJ
May 16,2016
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, readers continue to takes issue with Gwenn “drunken tiriad” at village hall after the humiliating defeat of the Aronsohn slate .Many residents can’t get over the fact that Gwenn lost it the night everyone met at the Community Center to hear the election results.  She certainly had been drinking but that really is a non issue( Many drunks are nice!) .

Gwenn literally went into the face of a resident screaming and cursing and saying, ” Are you fucking gloating” and other curses.  Her extremely rude husband who,is known for his rudeness, grabbed her to take her away all the while smiling and saying, ” we have freedom of speech, she can say anything she wants!” A classy act .

All three of the outgoing council members have demonstrated serious narcissistic rage issues. So many have witnessed these rants or have been the victim of them.

They have held these anti free speech civility meetings for two years basically attacking everything and everyone but themselves.

If the new council is only better in this department, we are most definitely in a better place.  The behavior has affected so many areas of village government including not allowing for real conversation about problems in the departments.

Add that to the fact that the village manager acted as a 6th council member and was encouraged to do so made it impossible for Susan and Mike to have the impact they tried so hard for.

Fortunately, for residents a perfect storm developed:  so many citizen groups with a variety of issues speaking out at once.  There was no way they were going to beat that and that it is why they tried to push everything through in such an aggressive manner so quickly.