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Reader says former village manager at best was deceitful in her communication with the council and acted poorly on behalf of the village.


The past village manager led the council to believe that the village would incur only the 35 cents per transaction which would go to Park Mobile. She signed a contract with an additional 21 percent off the top.No one would have been okay with this. Why she was so determined to go ahead with this bad deal for Ridgewood is a mystery. Current council members who were there at the time were not made aware of the additional charges. It looks like the village is out close to 200,000 dollars due to this poor contract. Whether anything illegal occurred is unclear but it was a bad contract and it looks as though the past village manager at best was deceitful in her communication with the council and acted poorly on behalf of the village.

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Reader says Bye Bye Ridgewood Garage

Hudson Street Parking Garage

We ALL know that there is ample parking. Even Sonenfeld says so. The problem is that PROMISES WERE MADE to certain key people that a garage would be built near their properties and businesses in the business district. What Aronsohn, Saraceno, Pucciarelli, Vaggianos, Sonenfeld, Hauck and company failed to consider is that the town if full of very smart people. And the people rose up and ran a petition drive and stopped the insanity. Bye Bye Garage.

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Is Village Manager Roberta Sonnefeld Still Following the failed Agenda of the Previous Council ?


file photo by Boyd Loving

August 5,2016

the staff of the Ridgewod blog

Ridgewood NJ, Readers accuse Ridgewood’s Village manager of continuing to push the agenda of the former Village council known as the 3 amigos . During Wednesday’s council meeting Village Manager Roberta Sonnefeld was taken to task over her actions on Schedler Park and Health Barn at Habernickle Park . The theme was an old theme of ignoring residents and continuing to push the out dated failed agenda of the former council .

“The biggest news from the meeting – Mayor Knudsen publicly apologized to a resident who was the subject of a very nasty and inappropriate letter to the editor of The Ridgewood News written by Village Manager Roberta Sonenfeld. Sonenfeld offered no apology herself, however.”

Reader report , “Several people came down hard on Roberta Sonenfeld, and all had very specific reasons. I hope the council is listening to them. They have to get rid of her.”

While others say , “She will never resign from her “dream job” (her words). Big bucks, big power. Resigning would be an admission that she had actively followed Aronsohn’s personal instructions. That’s the truth, but she can’t admit it. And we have no way of knowing whether she has continued to do the same, only receiving his orders other than from the dais. Well, lots of those orders were given out of public view. However, if the council is wise, as several residents asked them to do in the public comments last night, she’ll be gone in a puff of smoke, ideally by Labor Day, no resignation required.”

Another reader reminded us that , “Paul Aronsohn blew a trumped up fit at our prior VM. Why? Because his formal political affiliation was notoriously out-of-phase with Aronsohn’s. Aronsohn swept out the old and ushered in someone he thought would be beholden to him. But Ridgewood has now moved on, back to a proper non-partisan VC. For anyone currently in village management publicly to defy the new councilmembers and the new mayor seems foolish. Maybe they are dead set on acting ideologically. Maybe they have become partisan hacks. Either way they need to get a clue, and fast.”