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July is Smart Irrigation Month

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Ridgewood NJ,  Smart Irrigation Month was an initiative kickstarted by the Irrigation Association with the aim of educating individuals regarding the benefits of smart irrigation technologies, products, and services. Amongst many examples of water wastage, one is directly associated with sprinklers — people turn on sprinklers but forget to turn them off! Therefore, the concept of smart irrigation was founded to ensure the right technology is being used at the right time.

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Are Low Flow Toilets Worth It? Myths and Facts


Saving water is a trend of recent decades. If you were born in 1990 or later, you might rarely see those obsolete water-consuming monsters that were called toilets before the low flow era. Consuming up to 6 gallons per flush, they were nothing like water-saving. Now, if you look at the top 10 toilets on Sanitary Review, you will find that all of them are low-flow.

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