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Wyckoff Police Pass :”Work from Home” Security Tips

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Wyckoff NJ, some good working from home tips from the Wyckoff police Department :
Good afternoon hard working at home residents!  With the ongoing quarantine still in effect, we are aware that many of you may now work from home. For those of you who are adjusting to your “new norm” you may quickly realize that this presents you with new hurdles and experiences to overcome and we want to help!
Unfortunately, working from home can present some new technology vulnerabilities. Criminals, who never take a day off, could see this as an opportunity to attack your business and personal accounts. Fortunately enough, Wyckoff Police doesn’t take days off either. Below you will find a document that was prepared to help arm those who are both experienced and new to working at home with the best strategies to manage the various platforms you may now be working from.

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