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NJDEP regulations say capping contaminated soil is not permitted – All soil must be removed

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Ridgewood NJ, Village of Ridgewood officials received this advisory from NJDEP in late 2023:

“Case Management:  In order to close the solid waste issue associated with the imported fill materials, any such fill that exceeds the Residential Ingestion Dermal/Inhalation soil remediation standards (without performing data averaging) must be removed. Accordingly, following review of the data to be generated from the SAP, the BSWC&E will advise Ridgewood Village of the scope of work needed to incorporate into a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) designed to address any residual solid waste as determined by both the physical and chemical triggers noted in N.J.A.C. 7:26 – 1.6(a)6. The CAP should not be conducted until approved in writing by the SWC&E.
Once the BSWC&E is satisfied that appropriate removal of the fill materials that trigger the definition of solid waste at N.J.A.C. 7:26-1.6(a)6 has been achieved, a letter will be issued noting that the subject solid waste issue has been resolved.”
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19 thoughts on “NJDEP regulations say capping contaminated soil is not permitted – All soil must be removed

  1. So the DEP is stating that that whole dirt pile berm must be removed. Am I understanding this correctly? Does anyone else have any insight on this?

    1. Yes. If the test results are confirmed as exceeding the NJDEP’s published Residential Ingestion Dermal/Inhalation soil remediation standards (without performing data averaging), all soil must be removed.

      1. Bond the cleanup.
        Evan thinks that’s free money.

  2. Yet, taxpayers are lying for an “expert” who told the Council an option is to cap the soil and cover the contamination.

  3. Did Matrix, Village Manager, Mayor or Council even read the notice sent by NJDEP? They spent a long time discussing capping and covering the contamination as an option.

  4. Perfect example of… When a clown moves into a palace, he doesn’t become a king, the palace becomes a circus.

    This Mayor and Village Manger are riding Ridgewood into a three ring circus at true tax payer’s expense.

    1. Hahahaha. About right!!!

  5. didn’t the field at orchard school just get capped with soil??

  6. Is Habernickel going to be tested now that we know it was dumped on too by the playground?

    1. Let’s hope so before the new all inclusive olayground

  7. What about the employees that work’ed at the site. Is anyone from the village reaching out to them. Just curious.

    1. Habernickel is over run with workers and kids now with the business

  8. So what is the next step at that location? Is the Fish just waiting from the d e p on How to handle this was there any notice from the state that they have to remove it, or they are allowed to cap it.

  9. Village should sue Primavera for misleading guidance. But VC won’t because “expert” told them what they wanted to hear. Mayor who’s pushing this entire fiasco is running again— vote him out! Elections have consequences folks

  10. I would not let my kid play there, I seen a few people walking around over the weekend and they put on rubber boots, just remember the playground down. Woodbridge, and Lynhurst they built a brand new beautiful sports stadium there and kids are getting sick a few years back from just breathing what was coming through the Astroturf, we believe there was over 30 students that got lightheaded, dizzy, headaches, and more taken to the hospital throughout the game and that evening by parents. So everyone needs to be aware wake up. It’s obviously not healthy.

  11. If the DEP tells the village that they must remove the whole dirt pile, we wonder what their plan would be replaced the dirt, put up a wall, anything in the design, I’m sure they have backup plans

    1. Are you “sure they have backup plans”? Why would they, they were just notified? The plan should be to scrap the ball field, remove the berm, and return to the original plan.

  12. Someone needs to test all the fill used at Habernickel soon. It’s been festering for years

  13. Employee’s health is very important.
    What is going on.

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