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>No Bid Contract ?

>During their scheduled June 14th Public Meeting, Village Council members plan to approve a $90K “no bid” contract with Environmental Renewal, LLC of West Paterson, NJ for the disposal of grass clippings collected curbside during calendar year 2006. During May’s 2006 Public Budget Hearing, Mayor David T. Pfund advised taxpayers that expenses associated with grass clipping disposal would total less than $80K for the same period.
Why such a large “no bid” contract; is this even legal? What happened in the past 30 days that caused a $10K jump in costs? Should we expect more price increases later this year? Why is the taxpayer base as a whole being saddled with this expense? That is, wouldn’t it be wiser just to charge those who use the service? And finally, who owns Environmental Renewal, LLC and what connection, if any, does he/she have with Council members?

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