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No Extension for Ridgewood Tax Collector’s Office Hours


December 28,2017
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, according to Village Manager Heather Mailander , “At this time, we are not going to extend the office hours, due to the fact that there is no lead time in letting people know about it. It has been on our website since last week. Over the past three weeks, hundreds of residents have called in to get information or have come in to prepay their 2018 taxes and continue to do so. Today alone, the line to prepay taxes has extended past the Building Department and over 500 residents have prepaid their 2018 taxes today.”

4 thoughts on “No Extension for Ridgewood Tax Collector’s Office Hours

  1. Only Government could be this unresponsive.
    If they are lined up out the door you might need to extend your hours.

  2. A neighbor was there on Wed, 12/27/17, the line was all the way down the stairway from the 3rd floor to the main floor lobby. Supposedly many annoyed residents voiced their opinion, who showed up to prepay. Said the line did move along though, and Thurs. line was quicker and shorter.

  3. Omg. Get a grip

  4. Lack of time to inform the public is not a good reason. Does the town simply wish to avoid paying overtime, but won’t admit it? What about half a day on Saturday? Other towns are doing it. This is an extraordinary situation. Naturally, this year the last two days of the month and year are both on the weekend. Some people who are out of town may not be back in time. There will be many angry hombres next week. Are they going to deny the opportunity to anyone still on line at 4:30 tomorrow?

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