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“No good deed goes unpunished in the Village of Ridgewood” Part 2


“My being conscientious about not placing leaves in street until placement day does not go unpunished.
On my block area A in front of Benjamin Franklin Middle School everyone has put their leaves out before the next placement date which is Nov. 23. Leaves blow in front of my driveway making a big mess.

I replied to a message Mailander sent Nov. 11 on importance of adhering to leaf schedule. NO ANSWER from her. I called street services and got a “Mike” on the phone. He couldn’t understand what I meant. He said , do you mean your neighbors are putting the leaves in front of B. F. on that side of the street. I had to explain five times. (Mike didn’t want to understand) Mike said he would “reach out” to the code office, Tracey.(How about a phone call, Mike.) Sure , like I will fly to the moon. He won’t call Tracy.
Shouldn’t those who put out leaves weeks too early be given a summons? I go through the trouble of bagging my leaves in big contractor bags and then lugging bags to the curb on the proper date and I am a seventy five year old woman. You know what. I am never going to rake another leaf again, ever. Except on my driveway. Rules are meant to be broken apparently. I guess I am a dope to follow the rules.”

10 thoughts on ““No good deed goes unpunished in the Village of Ridgewood” Part 2

  1. I am the poster of the above comment. This morning the leaf people picked up leaves in my section A, an unscheduled visit. I suppose they do that if many people put a lot of leaves in street, especially because it was windy this past week. Moral of story: if everyone on block is putting out leaves go along with the crowd. Now I will leave this topic for good.

  2. You know this is just an example of why the world is going to hell in a hand basket. There are no consequences for hardly anything anymore and this is small scale stuff. People are starting to just not care anymore and I too am sadly becoming one of them – its a shame

  3. Expect more people to turn careless as RW evolves into a full scale Hackensack. RW management will make sure to accelerate this transformation. Even myself who am super neighborhood friendly and squeaky clean have started to not pay attention anymore. Have you see how sanitation does not pick up your garbage unless your bin is on the curb?
    BUT at least Mr Mayor paid for a corner in NY Post to show the world that RW is the gem of Bergen County. Mayor is in real estate so he knows where to advertise. We’re so lucky.

  4. The village is so overrated, typical bullshit from a realtor. The board of ed ,and the realtor group. Is one big scam to keep real estate hi ! So overrated we are all being scammed time to sell your house and move the hell out.

  5. Snow is coming now what. Duhhh ‘

  6. Beware, Ridgewood actually hired two people to patrol for water violations and we got 2 tickets for the same offense on the same day. Thankfully, the people who handled it were very kind. But, these same 2 people may also be patrolling for leaves.

  7. Sandy are you kidding me oh my God. This village is doing whatever they can to make money. But yet they’re giving away firewood what the hell is going on. Someone has their head up their ass. This new management is so confused. They really lack experience. If giving away the wood is Cost savings how come are we doing it into 2018, something is not jiving . And At his time we are at our lowest level in Employees in history of the parks department.

  8. Village residents straining at gnats, but swallowing camels

  9. Sandy . . . the water department didn’t hire anyone to ticket for violations. Where did you get that from? A few years ago, I believe, the Village hired someone to enforce various code violations (water, leaves, sidewalk repairs, etc.).

  10. I have lived in this house for 46 years and have witnessed alot. Forget about leaf piles on my block, no one patrols here. Cars park on the WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD OVERNIGHT. It amazes me!

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