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No Lawn Mower Yet for Ridgewood Parks Department

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photos by Boyd Loving

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, we are considering taking up a collection for a lawnmower for the parks department .

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24 thoughts on “No Lawn Mower Yet for Ridgewood Parks Department

  1. Nancy Bigos; asleep at the switch, again.

  2. More parking spaces for commuters.

  3. Turf it.

  4. The long time generous residents whose name are on th plaque at citizens park would be horrified to see their vision turned into a mud how by the sports nuts. Maybe the sports dads could get off their ass and mow citizens park.

  5. I would contribute but my taxes are a little high here. Any extra dinero goes to UNICEF.

  6. Well it has been raining a little bit lately…just e-mail Heather.

    Do it quietly.

    No Virtue Signalling.

  7. Life long pensions and health benefits? Don’t you have to work to earn that?

  8. I agree, you freaking sports dads with all your demands, get out there and MOW

  9. Ridgewood used to be a special place… an aspirational town.
    Now it is barely hanging on to “run of the mill nice town” stature.

    very sad

  10. Current village manager @200k/yr is a total ripoff. I never seen a more incompetent manager in my life. Susan hired her and this is one of the main reasons why I do not support her anymore.

  11. Hey Mayor maybe you should take care of thing in Ridgewood instead of spending your time down in Hackensack sucking up to Jimmy T

  12. Huh! Well maybe they need to hire some workers.

  13. Pave all parks we need more PARKING.

  14. Maybe they just need to give a $hit

  15. The pool not be ready in time. It still looks very dirty

  16. Who they.

  17. Nancy can you call and have the portapoty Cleaned out at maple field again. It’s fithly. What the hell is going on with you . Why can’t you have a few more at that site. This is unacceptable . What a Disgrace !

  18. Yes please! Very dirty can not use it at maple field. Now kids will pee in the woods.

  19. As a coach , come on get it cleaned a good 3 times a week.

  20. This is ridiculous what the hell is going on. The pool looks like shit. It will not be ready in time there should be a delayed opening. The place is dirty there are many repairs that need to be attended too .Stop covering things up and make the repairs ,if not we will call the state and they will shut it down. Make it safe before opening. My god Do you think we are stupid. stop playing games.

  21. We went for a ride this morning at 7 AM. And We noticed all the village lawn ‘s need to be cut. We understand it’s been raining but come on what is going on. Bring the whole crew this Saturday and cut the damn grass already. And don’t tell us we don’t have the money because we do ,stop the bullshit stories. We cannot take it anymore. We are talking about basic maintenance. If we cannot do that then we cannot stay in business.

  22. They are trying to make the library look shabby by not mowing the lawn so we all approve the billion dollar improvements

  23. I just work in this town, but man you couldn’t pay me to live here

  24. You can’t take it anymore?
    That’s nice….now go Fuc$ off.
    We run this town NOT you.
    Just pay your taxes and go to your whorein job on Wall Street and leave this place to the professionals.

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