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Not Getting Any Smarter all these Years Later : Flood Damage to Ridgewood High School Turf Fields to Cost Over $150,000 to Repair

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Ridgewood NJ, according to sources storm damage during Hurricane Ida to the synthetic turf at the RHS Stadium and Stevens Field will cost taxpayers $150,250.00 to repair. The damage at Brookside Field (natural turf) will be repaired for a mere $3,489.86.

21 thoughts on “Not Getting Any Smarter all these Years Later : Flood Damage to Ridgewood High School Turf Fields to Cost Over $150,000 to Repair

  1. What about Maple (turf) ?

    Vets is in ghastly shape too.

  2. More Karen’s on the loose in Ridgewood…

  3. Has anyone done a FOIA request to tally up how much maintenance and repair for the fields have cost since they were installed?

  4. Does it really matter? The original sin was putting the fields in a flood plain. Maybe our boy Ramon could get off his ass and get the HHK Brook dredged to help with the flooding.

  5. Those of us who were residents at the time of installation, were unable to interject the voice of reason.
    Organized sports associations were adamant to make every field astro turf, and made it happen.
    May we interject: I told you so…

  6. Captain Jack and Fast Eddie were a formidable team.

    Jack sold his house and moved out long ago leaving us with this mess.

    The 100 year flood happens every 2 years now.

  7. This turf is in Stevens Field, not Veterans field. Veterans field is where the band shell is, and that is Natural grass and I hope it stays that way. Many of us have been arguing against the turf for just this reason. And it will happen over and over and over and over again… This is no surprise, people knew this would happen long before the turf was put into place. What about Maple Park (on the other side of Grayson Pool) which is also turf and is a huge mess as well. What would the total for all three turf fields? All three of those fields are in flood zones that are near bodies of water that often overflow. And complaining about the natural field (Brookside) costing less to repair but not being useful for sports due to same is short-sited. Veterans field is natural and we don’t hear the same complaints about it. For Brookside, to get the natural soil leveled and put down some decent sod and a little decent maintenance (again, like the way it is done in Veterans Field) is much less expensive (including it’s ability to absorb floodwaters) – than it is to putting in expensive turf that has to be repaired an infinite number of times due to flooding. Very poor planning by people that have access to too much tax $ (that they don’t care about because it’s other people’s money) and not enough brains.

  8. Based on approx. square footage, that extrapolates to about $100K for Maple. So, a cool quarter million to bring the situation back to the status quo. Cha-ching$$$$$$

  9. Raise the field.
    Build a retaining wall to hold back the river.

    these are not difficult problems to solve…..

  10. Lots of vehicles this morning at Faber Field in Glen Rock.

    Looks like they finally got approval to turf that place.

  11. There are 6 RHS soccer teams and 3 football teams.

    With all of these fields out of service, where are these teams practicing and playing their games….?

  12. The Board approved the agreement with Monello Landscape Industries, Inc. for the emergency repairs to Brookside Field, in the amount of $3,489.86.

    The Board approved the agreement with The LandTek Group, Inc. for emergency storm damage repairs to the Stadium and Stevens Synthetic Fields, in the amount of $150,250.

  13. Raise the field…

    Build a retaining wall…

    When are you going to understand that everything done in the floodplain must be approved by the NJDEP and they’d rather see a flood because that’s what they think flood plains are for

    They own it. You don’t

  14. “they’d rather see a flood because that’s what they think flood plains are for”

    Er…..that IS what flood plains are for.

  15. The Elected officials from the mayor to the board of Ed and their God like complexes constantly will put the rubber gloves on and screw the residents! Why? Because the vast majority sit there and take and smile because it’s Ridgewood! Most people care more about the image of the town and saying they live in Ridgewood then what’s actually going on and the real issues. After all this is the same town that tried to bury municipal expenses within Ridgewood water so the residence in the surrounding towns could pay for the bill! These fields will flood again in the next few years and the same comments will be made.. blah blah blah!

  16. Where is Ramon? He needs to get the brook dredged to alleviate flooding!

  17. The arguments against installing plastic turf were carefully researched and clearly presented. This was on the top floor of the Ed Building (first school in town) with pails on the floor catching drips from rain coming through the roof. If that wasn’t appropriate for a DEP hearing, nothing was. And then when they approved it, what a shocker.

  18. Why not just put grass??? All this turf and all these green environmental freaks are ok with it???? What’s it do to the brooks and environment???

  19. Faber Field ALERT: This is what your present and future taxpayer dollars are being used for residents of Glen Rock. Covering Faber Field with Turf in a flood zone near the beautiful (Ida flooded) Thielke Arboretum and beautiful (Ida flooded) homes nearby Diamond Brook and its neighboring pond. Local homeowners should file a Cease & Desist order on the Turf construction at the same time they file their FEMA claims while paying out of pocket to have their homes repaired from the water damage. It’s only gonna get wor$e!

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