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Not Much to Be Grateful for in Latest Presidential Poll Numbers


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Washington DC, President Biden celebrated Thanksgiving with his family in Nantucket , but if polls of his job performance and handling of issues like the economy and foreign policy are any guide, he didn’t have much to be grateful for.

In a Jimmy Carter 2.0 , Biden’s  approval ratings have collapsed amid the highest inflation in 31 years, which has driven up the costs of everything from turkey dinners to gas, and he’s increasingly been greeted with vulgar gestures and chants even when visiting deep-blue states.

Biden’s average job approval rating now stands at 41.6 percent, down sharply from the 54.7 percent average approval the president enjoyed in late May, according to RealClearPolitics.

“His average approval rating is around 41. There are at least three polls out there that have him in the 30s,” pollster John Zogby told The NY Post this past Wednesday. “So we’re looking at a significant double-digit drop in a matter of about five months or so. And on almost every front he’s not doing well.”

“He’s under 50 percent on handling COVID,” Zogby added. “On immigration, his numbers are very low. On foreign policy, his numbers are very low. There is really very little to fold his hands, bow his head and thank the Lord for right now.”

9 thoughts on “Not Much to Be Grateful for in Latest Presidential Poll Numbers

  1. With support from the corrupt mainstream media the Biden administration has been bolstered to continue being an America destroying machine.
    They are fundamentally ruining the economy, spending taxpayer money on wasteful “social equity”, shutting out the traditional and affordable energy industry, ignoring or excusing crime in Democrat led cities, making false accusations that our criminal justice system needs to be “reimagined”, indoctrinating our education system with Marxist beliefs. They deflect any relevant news story that calls out the malicious Democrat agenda by using Covid (their favorite fear factor to scare the pants off the citizenry…you know the drill…the next variant of Covid is worse than the one we have and that one was worse than the one we had before that…never ends with Democrats).

    Thankfully, some people are becoming aware of the malicious Democrat party and do not believe or trust their Wizard of Oz Biden (someone else is surely behind the curtain because the dimentia ridden, talking head Biden can’t be calling the shots).

    We’d better restore our voting system to ensure voting integrity and honesty before the next elections. It’s the biggest challenge to restoring America by voting out the garbage currently manipulating the country.

    I’ll leave it at that.

  2. I read many of the blogasphere posts and the most common excuse I see is “well he’s still better than Trump”. Four years of relentless crap, most, if not all, was fabricated bullshit, followed by the most corrupt election I’ve ever seen.

  3. Folks, it’s all part of the democrat (communist) plan to transform this country into a communist nation. If they manage to destroy the economy sufficiently that only the government can manage the problem (one they intentional created) the democrats can take complete control of wages, prices, and product production; that’s communism. They know exactly what they’re doing. No one is that stupid to think you can dump trillions in cash into the economy without an impact. Add the incentive not to work and you have too many dollars chasing too few products. All the elements are in place and they hope the affects will occur before the mid-terms, because after that the communist lose control.

  4. It seems to me that the last four years shows we need a business man at the helm of our country and not a politician especially people who have been in there for years and years! Trump wasn’t perfect but he had this country going in the right direction! Sad what the last 10 months has produced!

  5. @James I have to make a correction for you.. The Worst Inflation in 41 Years, Reagan fixed Carters mess..

  6. I saw a poll today that said Cackler would beat Trump in 2024.

    And so would Michelle Obama.

    What the heck…?

  7. Let’s keep this simple , FJB let’s get trump back ASAP

  8. Headline is incorrect…..

    There’s A LOT to be thankful for in the presidential poll numbers.

    The lower they go, the harder it will be for the Democrats to cheat and steal the next election.

  9. Biden is not my President!!! Here we go again controlling the masses……Just send the people another check another vote..

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