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Nothing Left to Lose : Jack Zisa is stepping down as Chair of Bergen GOP

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Hackensack NJ,with nothing left to lose  Jack Zisa is stepping down from his position as head of the party and has thrown his support behind Jack DeLorenzo of Hasbrouck Heights to succeed him.

Recent years have presented challenges for Republicans in Bergen County, once a stronghold for the GOP. The party in open warfare with itself in recent years . Democrats now occupy all county offices, leaving Republicans with limited representation in only two legislative districts – 39 and 40 and nothing left to give away.

Critics of the current leadership cite internal conflicts and a perceived lack of effectiveness as key issues.

Despite the potential dissolution of the “county line” tradition, Republican achievements in recent elections have been less than inspiring, in fact its been a disaster. Frank Pallotta notably secured the party’s CD-5 nomination in 2020 and 2022, running independently of the party establishment. However, Pallotta has found himself embroiled in a dispute with party leaders, particularly in Mahwah, his hometown.

Pallotta claims that Jack Zisa, along with the Bergen County Republican Organization (BCRO), undermined the selections made by Mahwah’s Municipal Chair, Tracey Miceli, by removing 17 Republican candidates from the organizational line, including 13 incumbent county committee members.

According to Pallotta, this move by Zisa represents a personal vendetta against him. Despite this friction, Pallotta highlights his successful support for municipal candidates and Holly Schepisi’s transition to the state Senate, decisions that were made against Zisa’s preferences.

While this dispute may seem localized to Mahwah, internal party conflicts over county committee appointments are detrimental to fostering unity within the party.

The upcoming chair election, scheduled for a week after the June primary, will determine if anyone challenges DeLorenzo for the position. However, restoring the Bergen GOP to its former prominence and ending the tradition of losing,  will likely prove challenging.

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2 thoughts on “Nothing Left to Lose : Jack Zisa is stepping down as Chair of Bergen GOP

  1. Republican leadership has not proven itself.
    When did we last win an election in the peoples republic of New Jerkey

  2. It is ridiculous that the Bergen County GOP loses these elections. The problem seems to be that the same names and faces are always there (Zisa, et al). If nothing changes, then nothing will change.

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